Hoosier Home Range Hundred Update; August 28, 2021

The NRA National Matches are winding down at Camp Atterbury, so it is time for the Hoosier Home Range Hundred to swing into high gear.  At Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver, we have incorporated the HHR-100 into our Thursday night practices to give our Juniors a chance to get more shots on targets for their classifications as well as for others who are working on classifications.

To date we have shot three HHR-100 matches, two of which were NRA Approved matches and one was just a pop-up match after a scheduled match. 

To date, the rankings are:

High Master                       Mike King            493-25X

Master                                Mark Walters     484-15X

Expert                                 Doc Habel          468-8X

Sharpshooter                     Colton Eads        474-4X

Marksman                          Joe Freiburger    440-4X

High Junior Boy                 Colton Eads        440-4X

High Junior Girl                  Kileen Shaffer     406-2X 

Since I’ve not received any scores from other Clubs, these are also the Indiana State standings – but stand by, more scores will be coming in as other clubs join in the chase!

Range Closure; Monday August 23

Range Closure; Monday August 23

The rifle range will be closed at 3:30 on Monday, August 23 for Junior High Power practice.

The pistol bays will be open.

Larry Beardsley

High Power Range Officer