That’s snow on the 100-yard berm

Well, we tried, but as Dirty Harry says; “A man has to know his limits”.

I suppose we could have shot the match – it was cloudy, it was snowing, it was about 34 degrees (but the wind wasn’t blowing, .. much). I don’t think anyone would have had a good time and we would have gone home cold, wet and sniffling.

Looking over at the 200-yard berm

So – I called it off,

Thanks to everyone who signed up. I apologize to those folks who showed up and had to turn around and go home – I need to get a better way to contact people on short notice.

The Bruggeman Building in the snow

And – as always – Thanks to Mike and Glenna who were ready to be our Stat Office for the day.

I think this is the last time I will register the April match with the CMP and NRA. Next year I will either make the April match part of Winter Offhand or I may just schedule it as a “Surprise Match” where we decide about a week early if we are going to shoot it or not.

Remember Work Day on April 23 .. and we’ll try again in May.

I will start High Power practice on Thursdays some time in May, totally depending on the weather – so keep an eye out for an announcement.