For over ten years the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club has sponsored a High Power Clinic at the start of the summer High Power season.  This year the High Power Clinic was scheduled for May 7th with a CMP Games Match the following weekend.

Over the last several years interest has waned and this year I have only three people who have signed up for the Clinic.  Regretfully, I am going to cancel the Clinic.

Maybe next year we can find more folks interested in getting an introduction to High Power shooting.

For more information or comments, contact me at FWRRHPDirector@aol.com

RANGE CLOSING – Wednesday, April 27

The Main Range will be closed all day Wednesday, April 27.  The Pistol Bays will be open.

This closing is necessary, in part, due to poor Cleanup Day attendance.  
Only 12 members showed up to work on the projects that were listed in the newsletter.  It’s sad, but that number amounts to 3% of the membership.  

Members can expect to find the ranges closed on weekends throughout the summer as a result of poor Cleanup Day attendance. We will try to give a couple of days notice when a closing will happen.

There are still a number of projects we need to get finished and if people are willing to do the work we need to let them do it when their schedules allow.