Getting ready to shoot 300-yard Prone          

The Fort Wayne Rifle & Revolver Club conducts a full schedule of NRA sanctioned high power matches, along with a mix of other rifle matches, including CMP sanctioned John Garand Match and CMP Games Matches. Matches are shot at 200 and 300 yards on our 12 point High Power range. Our lightweight target carriers make pit duty a breeze.

 All matches are open to the public, club membership is not required to participate.

Winter offhand matches take place in November through March, and are generally scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Registration and setup start at about 12:30 with first shot at 1 PM. Check the overall range calendar for specific dates.

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club – 2019 Match Schedule

Range Address – 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN

For Match information, Contact FWRR High Power Director at 


March 10                  1:00                Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds 

March 30                  8:00                CMP High Power Clinic 

                                12:30             High Power Clinic Garand Match 

April 13                     9:00                50/80 High Power Match 

May 11                      9:00                50/80 High Power Match 

June 8                      9:00                50/80 High Power Match 

July 13                     9:00                50/80 High Power Match 

August 17                9:00                Mike Gingher Memorial M1A Match 

September 14         9:00                CMP Games 

September 28         9:00                Leonard Johnson Memorial Match 

October 12              9:00                Mid-Range Tournament 

November 17         1:00                Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds 

December 8           1:00                Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds


High Power Practice: 

Thursday Afternoons; 3:00 P. M. until dusk.  Start about  May 3, depending on weather.   Final Practice October 10.