For a number of years, the Allen County Practical Defense League (ACPDL) utilized the range facilities of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department near the Allen County Fairgrounds.  When the Sheriff’s Department closed that range, the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Cub agreed to allow the League to share the FWRR range facilities.

Since the two organizations share a large number of members in common, the following information is provided to answer questions about the ACPDL.

What is the Allen County Practical Defense League (ACPDL)?  

It is an independent  group devoted to the advancement of practical pistol shooting; the form of pistol shooting that simulates, as nearly as possible, the conditions under which a handgun is intended to be used in the defense of home or person.

The principles of practical pistol shooting are Accuracy, Power, Speed, Diversity, Freestyle Technique and Realism. These principles are practiced, typically, the first Saturday of each month. The shooter is presented with from 3 to 5 main stages in which the various principles are practiced.  Approximately 100 rounds total are fired during each practice session (Pistol Match).

Due to the number of principles of practical pistol shooting, not every shooting exercise is designed for all principles. Some stages are purposely designed to focus on one or two of the principles while other stages may be designed to encompass all principles. Due to the principles of diversity and realism, each month’s practice contains subtle differences; but each month the main principles are practiced.

The intended “bottom line” for each month’s practice is that the shooter will practice the same main principles with differences that highlight the diversity encountered in life. 

Who is eligible to participate in ACPDL matches?  

Casual observers are welcome but only members may shoot at the matches. We have a process similar to FWRR for membership which requires a sponsor, NRA membership, a written test, a voting process, an observation period, and a demonstration of basic skills in front of the attending group.

Allen County Practical Defense League (ACPDL) 

2023 Schedule

Here are the dates for the remaining 2023 ACPDL Pistol Matches. For those interested in observing, we have a pre-match meeting at 9:00 AM and are usually shooting by 9:30 AM. We usually finish around 12:00. Only members are allowed to shoot, but anyone may observe.

July 8

Aug 5

Sept 9

Oct 7

Nov 4

Dec 2

Current Contact for ACPDL:

ACPDL President: Bruce Bunting