Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club – Range Rules Notice 

These are not the entire range rules.  You were given a copy of Range Rules when you joined the club.  But, some folks learn better visually.  This Notice is to address recent abuses of the Club Property.  If you do any of the “NoNo” target postings, you will be fined $100 or expelled from the club.

This is how to mount a target – between the rails and away from the posts

Here are two ways NOT to mount a target – This will cost you a $100 fine!

Some   more bad ideas –

$100 each

Don’t shoot off the top of a post – that round will clear the backstop and who knows where it will end up?

 Don’t shoot targets off the rails. 

  Don’t prop targets against posts or set them on the ground under the frames – Set them at the base of the berm.  


Other Notices 

  1. Use of “Slide Fire”, “Hell Fire” or “Crank-it-Off” devices or any device intended to make a semi-auto firearm mimic a full-auto firearm is prohibited! 
  1. Reactive targets (e.g “Tannerite”), tracer, incendiary or explosive projectiles may not be used on the range! 
  1. Cartridges based on the .50-cal. BMG cartridge may not be used on the range! 

There is plenty of cardboard for target backers in the white building