Range Rules

Fort Wayne Rifle & Revolver Club, Incorporated


Rules and regulations are a necessary part of life just as driving an automobile without traffic regulations would be very dangerous.

Our Club also needs rules; most are for the safety of our members, visitors, and neighbors, some are necessary for the proper operation of our Club.  The rules posted at the range are in abbreviated form to serve only as a reminder.

Safety is an ever present concern – at home, work, on the road, and on our RANGE!  One accident, whether truly unavoidable or simply the result of carelessness, can close down our Range.  Common sense indicates that the easiest rule to follow is simply this:

If it is not safe, DO NOT DO IT!

Some people feel that rules are “made to be broken” or they are “for the other guy.”  You should remember that fines can be levied for violations and expulsion from the Club is not impossible.  Any disciplinary action required will be carried out in strict accordance with the Club’s By-Laws.

You are reminded that it is your duty and responsibility as a member of the Fort Wayne Rifle & Revolver Club to speak to any member or guest on our range that you observe to be in violation of the range rules and or unsafe practice with and or around firearms.  This will help keep our range safely in operation, and minimize any problems which may occur.  If those who are in error do not heed your advice as to proper procedure, it is your duty and responsibility to report the infraction to a Club Officer.


Our Range is private Property!  It is for the use of members in good standing.  The Range is at no time open to the public for informal practice.

One of the benefits of membership is the use of our Outdoor Range for informal practice without supervision.  The Range is kept locked.  As a member you are given the combination to the lock.  This combination is for YOUR use only.  You are NOT to give the combination to ANYONE, including but not limited to family, friends, or even other members.  It is the duty and responsibility of the Club Officers to see that members have the combination.  Giving the combination to ANYONE is cause for expulsion.  Liability concerns make this necessary.

The gate at the Range must be locked both after entering and leaving the Range.  The only time this does not apply is during scheduled events when it is the duty of the Range Officer or other club Officer to open and close the Range.

As a member you may take two (2) guests to the Range for informal practice.  This limit of two (2) does not apply to members of your immediate family or during scheduled events.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests.  Violations of these rules by your guests will result in fines and or other actions against YOU!  You may NOT give your guests the combination to the gate lock or leave the gate open for them.  You must be present with your guests at all times – you can not leave them alone on the Range.  If there is a conflict between range use by guests and members, the members come first and the guests will have to wait.

Informal practice is on a first-come, first-served basis.  The facilities are limited and it is expected that you will co-operate with one another and share the Range, each taking his or her turn.  There is the possibility that the Range will have to be closed to informal practice if the members do not co-operate.

The Range may not be used by members of the Club who are gun dealers (or other “dealers”) for the purpose of demonstrating their merchandise or letting their customers “tryout” merchandise.

For safety reasons, the Range is closed for practice during scheduled matches, while the range is being mowed, and during range maintenance.

No Shooting will be done BEFORE 8:00am to prevent our neighbors from being disturbed, and shooting is to end at dusk in the interest of safety.


Your membership card must be in your possession at all times when on the Range.  It is your responsibility to ask strangers to see their cards.  Anyone (except guests and members of the member’s family) not having a current, valid card is to be asked to leave the Range.  This will be enforced, so be sure to carry your card and ask to see the card of anyone you do not recognize.


The work necessary for cleaning and maintaining the Range is done for the most part on a voluntary basis by the members.  All members and their guests are expected to do their share of work in maintaining equipment and in helping to keep the Range clean.  You are expected to clean up your own mess before you leave.  Waste containers are available for disposal of brass, empty cartridge boxes, and targets.  The waste containers are NOT for you to use for disposing of food, drink, containers, or trash from home.  Take home what you bring to the Range!


A Firearm is considered loaded if there is one (1) or more cartridge(s) in the chamber or in the magazine attached to the arm.  A long gun or handgun is considered loaded if a removable magazine containing one (1) or more cartridge(s) is in the arm.  A revolver is considered loaded if the cylinder contains one (1) or more cartridge(s), whether or not the cylinder is closed on a double action or the loading gate is open on a single action.

  1. Firearms will NOT be handled while anyone is downrange!
  1. Actions will be open on all uncased firearms, except when on the line shooting.
  1. Always point guns in a safe direction (preferably downrange).
  1. Keep your finder off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  1. Keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot. Cartridge guns are to be loaded only on the firing line.  Muzzle-loaders are to be cleared and primed or capped only on the firing line.  NEVER leave a loaded gun unattended, or, in the case of a muzzle-loader, even partially loaded.
  1. All firing is to be done only from the direction of the firing line toward the backstop.  All projectiles must impact only on Club property!  Remember, the safety zone for shotshell pellets is 300 yards.
  1.  Firearms which are NOT in proper working condition may NOT be used on the Range.
  1. Drawing and firing handguns from a holster is PROHIBITED on all ranges except the Action Pistol range.  Drawing and firing handguns on the Action Pistol range is permitted during matches, and during practice with others. Drawing and firing handguns is prohibited if you are alone due to safety considerations.
  1. On the Action Pistol range, no muzzle of any loaded firearm will be elevated above the backstop.
  1. Use of eye and ear protection is STRONGLY urged.

During informal practice, it is expected that no one will go forward of the firing line until all those who are shooting agree to a break.  No one will go forward until all arms are empty and not handled.

It is recommended that you never use the range alone due to safety concerns!



Fine Amount

Some target frames are supplied by the FWR&R.  When using these frames, targets are to be placed between the uprights and cross members in such a manner that bullets hitting the target will NOT hit the frame.  It is expected that some shots may hit the frame and it will have to be replaced through wear and tear. Intentional placing of a target so that bullets will hit the frame will result in fines being levied.  Objects are not to be placed directly on the frame to be shot off!


Targets are to be placed so that bullets will impact the backstop.  Bullets will pass over the backstop if targets are placed too high. Targets placed too low result in bullets hitting the ground short of the backstop may ricochet off the Range, especially when the ground is frozen in winter or packed hard as it sometimes is in the summer.  If for some reason you wish to place a target close to the ground, walk up to the backstop and place the target at or near the base of the backstop.


The bench rests that are under cover are to be used ONLY for the 100 yard firing line.  The bench rests out in the open may be used at 100 or 200 yards firing line.  The bench rest at the 200 and 300 yard range firing line may be used at the left end of the 300 yard target line or right end of the 200 yard target.




Fine Amount

Glass targets are prohibited!  We have no way of cleaning up broken glass from the range.  You may shoot at “tin” cans or plastic containers, but these are not to be placed on target frames or on the ground except at the base of the backstop.  Please make sure to clean up when you are done shooting.  Your mess is your responsibility.


Hard metallic targets such as but not limited to gongs, bells, duelling trees, etc. are to be used only during Club sanctioned events due to the possibility of ricochets. Any ricochet has the potential to shut down the range.


Tracer and or incendiary ammunition is prohibited!  Use of these types of ammunition constitutes a serious fire hazard.


Fireworks, anti-tank guns, bazookas, cannons, flares, fully-automatic firearms, grenades, mortars, or any explosives are PROHIBITED!  A scaled down replica of a muzzle-loading cannon or mortar may be fired without a projectile with prior approval of the Club’s Officers.  Flares may be used to start trash fires during clean up days if necessary. Arms using the Cal .50 Browning Machine Gun Cartridge or any round based on the .50 BMG case are prohibited due to the amount of damage they cause to the backstops.


The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by shooters on the range!  Anyone who is, appears to be, or pretends to be “Under the Influence” will be ejected from the Range.  Alcoholic beverages may be consumed when the range is closed for maintenance.  A first offense will result in a $100.00 fine; a second offense will result in expulsion.

$100.00 / Expulsion

Club equipment such as but not limited to signs, tables, chairs, benches, rifle racks, trash barrels and or ladders are NOT targets or target holders.  Intentional destruction of such club equipment is cause for expulsion.


Abusive language is prohibited!  Loud, boisterous language around firing lines is discouraged during practice and is prohibited during matches.  You conduct will affect how others view our Club.


Snowmobiles and trail bikes are prohibited!  Our Range is for shooting and not for cross-country motorcycling or snowmobiling.


Smoking is prohibited on the firing line during Club matches in accordance with NRA rules, and is prohibited in loading areas and firing lines during muzzle-loading matches


REVISION DECEMBER 2023:  Shooting aerial targets; trap, clay targets or other hand thrown objects – is prohibited on the range due to the lack of a sufficient downrange safety fan.


The Action Pistol Range may be used for pistol or small-bore rifle shooting while other Club events or practices are in progress.

Only during scheduled authorized competitions and scheduled authorized practices handguns, rimfire rifles (.22 caliber or smaller), straight-walled or .357 Sig handgun-cartridge rifles, or shotguns (slug or shot) may be used in the pistol bays.

No centerfire rifle-cartridge rifles or handguns chambered in centerfire rifle cartridges are permitted.

Bays 1, 2, and 3 of the Pistol Range may be used for scheduled practice and matches only. These are not permitted to be used for informal practice.

Bays 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the Pistol Range may be used for scheduled matches. When not reserved for scheduled matches Bays 4 and 5 of the Pistol Range may be used for informal practice.

While using Bay 5 for practice the shooter must be located West far enough such that the berm located between Bays 4 and 5 (south side of Bay 5) totally covers Bay 4.

This range is so constructed as to prevent projectiles from endangering anyone on the conventional ranges.

From May through September the 100 and 200-yard ranges will be closed, as published in the Club Calendar, one afternoon a week from 3:00 to dusk to permit high-power practice on the 300-yard range.

Picnicking, kite flying, and flying model airplanes and rockets is NOT prohibited, must be done in a safe manner, and must not interfere with shooting on the range.