The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver sponsors the largest Junior High Power shooting team in Indiana.  We shoot AR-style rifles (not .22-rimfire; not 3 or 4 position air rifle) in nationally sanctioned competitions at the local, state and national levels.

We are a laid back Team – we are not grooming the Juniors to be Olympic level competitors – just to shoot safely and have fun with an outstanding group of young people.  Our age limits are flexible; we can work with shooters as young as 12-years who are able to conduct themselves safely and who have the physical strength to handle a rifle.

Our four guidelines are:

  1.  Shoot safely – we stress firearms safety and safe firearms handling
  •  Show Respect – FWRR Juniors are recognized for the respect they shot coaches, sponsors, adults and fellow team mates.
  • Try – we do not demand that a Junior shoot at any particular level.  We can work with a shooter at any level and we can bring them to just about any level at which they wish to shoot – but they have to put forth an effort.
  • Have Fun – No one of us is making a living by our shooting hobby.  We are here to have fun – and if it’s not fun we need to look at why it isn’t fun any longer.
The FWRR Juniors with Coach Larry Beardsley

In 2024  are starting the season with our six Juniors from 2023. We can furnish a new shooter with just about everything they need in the way of equipment so there is very little initial investment for a new shooter. There are no initiation or sponsor fees and no membership requirements for the Junior shooter, their parents or sponsor.  The only cost is a modest charge for practice and local match ammunition.  We will keep ammo prices at 35-cents a round for Juniors in 2024 even though component prices have gone up.  We have a good supply of donated components that helpsus keep costs to the Juniors down.  For matches at the state and national level, match grade ammunition is furnished at no cost.

An FWRR Junior at the 2023 National Matches
at Camp Perry, Ohio

And, it isn’t all about shooting…..

If you have a young person who is interested in High Power shooting, contact me at