Now, we’re ‘way out in the country, and out in Amish country it’s hard to get everyone to agree on exactly the correct address.

In this modern world of computers and electronic gadgets, the easiest way is to plug our address into your GPS. As far as we can tell our real address is:

FWRR Range, 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN  46743

The next easiest way is to go to a GOOGLE Maps search and just type “Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club” into the search box.  That brings up both a road map and a satellite image of the area.

Google: 15715 Rupert Road for detailed directions

But, if all else fails:

Get to Indiana Highway 37 and head for Harlan, Indiana.  About 2 ½ miles NE of Harlan, at the Amish sawmill is Rupert Road, a half-left turn off of a right hand curve in the highway, so be cautious as you make the turn.

Take Rupert Road north, cross Springfield Center Road and about three-quarters of a mile down the road, on the left – is a lane leading back to our gate.  There is a county EMS sign on the telephone pole “15715”.

If you are coming from Ohio, head for Harlan on Indiana highway 37, and as you cross Indiana highway 101, look for Rupert Road as a turn to your right.