After last year’s Midsummer Madness Tournament, I made the following comment:

 If I ever again suggest that we shoot four matches on three consecutive days – somebody call the head doctor and have me checked for mental stability.  Well, maybe not – by next summer I may decide to try it again.  Shooting Mid-Summer Madness on three consecutive days gives me a whole new appreciation of what it takes to shoot every day for a month at Camp Perry or Camp Atterbury.

Well, I decided to try again this summer and I believe we had a very successful weekend of shooting.

Friday Afternoon – June 17 —  50-Round NRA National Match Course

We started out of Friday afternoon with a 50-round match.  I had two fairly full relays with 15 shooters coming to the line – two more than last year.

As a contrast to last year, the weather was absolutely a delight Friday afternoon and continued that way throughout the weekend.  My Stat Office weather observer called it 82-degrees at 4:29 when the first shot went downrange, with a wind of 12 – 17 MPH from about 1 or 2 o’clock.  By the time we finished at 6:30, the wind had pretty much died down and it wasn’t much of a factor during the match.

The top three shooters in this match were:

Mark Richard             490-19X

Geoff Branson            488-22X

Mark Walters             486-11X

And, as a note – the fourth place finisher in the match was one of the Junior Girls we claim as our own, Miss Emma Branson with a 477-14X.  Emma is John Halter’s grand-daughter, a third generation  FWRR shooter.

Three Generation of FWRR Shooters; Geoff Branson, Emma Branson and John Halter

Saturday, June 18 – CMP/NRA 50-80 Match

The Saturday match was sanctioned by both the CMP and NRA.  The NRA match could be shot as either a 50 or 80-round match, the CMP match was an 80-round match.

We started at 8:08; it was an unbelievable 59-degrees at first shot with a very light north wind – again the wind had no effect on the match.  We shuffled folks into three relays which moved the match along quickly – shooting an 80-round, three relay match in just a little over 3-and- a half hours  The morning did warm up a bit, but when I left the range the truck reported only 76-degrees.   Jim Schieltz, a visitor from the Lima Sabers commented; “You need to cancel this match on account of weather – we can’t have a match on a day this nice – it has to be raining or boiling to hold a high power match”!

The Range Officer is never happy ...

The top three shooters in this match were:

Mike King                    785-27X

Mark Richard              784-24X

Mark Walters             771-28X

Sunday Morning, June 19 —  Mid-Range Tournament

Sunday dawned clear and even cooler than Saturday; cooler, 55-degrees and no wind or breeze to speak of.  The Sunday morning session was, technically, a Tournament within a tournament since it consisted of three, 60-round matches.  17 shooters came to shoot and we worked them into a three relay format.  Once we came close to the end of the first relay and firing points came open, we moved into infiltration firing which made the match go very smoothly.  We shot all three matches as “any-sight” matches and several competitors shot at least one match with iron sights

This match saw some fantastic shooting with the top five competitors separated by only 5-points:

Geoff Branson            599-36X           (Yes, he actually only dropped ONE point)

Ron Dague                  596-29X           (Ron Creedmoored Mark Walters who finished third)

Mark Walters             596-23X

Mike King                    595-29X

Emma Branson           594-26X           (Junior Girl)

Sunday Afternoon; Mike Gingher M1A Memorial Match

This was the final match of the weekend and five shooters stayed to see just who was going to take the bragging rights for the Aggregate Score for the weekend tournament.

This is a match we have named for Mike Gingher, a long time FWRR member and a very prominent figure in the High Power shooting sport.  He was a long time armorer for the USMC Reserve National Team and a fixture at Camp Perry National Matches as a Coach and armorer.

The Mike Gingher M1A Memorial Match results were:

Mark Walters             363-1X

Mark Richard              340-4X

Ron Dague                  330-3X

The Mid-Summer Madness Tournament scores turned out as follows:

Four Match Aggregate First:              Mark Walters             2216-35X

Four Match Aggregate Second:         Mark Richard             2201-72X

Four Match Aggregate Third:            Ron Dague                  2119-47X

Match Fourth:                                      Mike Habel                2050-41X        

Match Fifth:                                        Geoff Branson              1851-82X

Match Sixth:                                       Mike King                      1806-69X

Match Seventh:                                  John Halter                  1740-34X

High Junior Match Score        Emma Branson, Mid-Range   594-26X

High Junior Aggregate                        Kileen Shaffer              1703-32X

Again – I must thank Mike and Glenna Grannis for their help as my Statistical Office and Finance Office.   There is absolutely NO WAY I could run a match this size without their help to keep scores and money straight.  XXX and OOO to Mike and Glenna!!!