Hoosier Home Range Hundred Update; September 4, 2021

The competition is picking up as rained out matches are made up and scheduled matches are shot.  So far The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club and Wildcat Valley Rifle and Pistol Club have shot matches and turned in scores.

It is interesting to note that while “the usual bunch” of shooters show up in the leader standings in the top classifications, it is the Junior shooters who are making their presence noted in the lower classes – and in fact they are shooting well above their classifications.

In the Sharpshooter Class, Junior boy Colton Eads from FWRR is in the lead with a 474-4X and Junior Girl Emma Branson (shot at Wildcat Valley) is top Marksman with a 465-8X.  Congratulations to both of these upcoming Junior shooters!

As of sunset on September 4th, here are the overall first place leaders:

High Master               Mike King                    FWRR                           493-25X

Master                        Paul Ellerseck            Wildcat Valley             488-15X

Expert                         Mike (Doc) Habel       FWRR                          468-  8X

Sharpshooter             Colton Eads                FWRR                          474-  4X  Junior Boy

Marksman                  Emma Branson           Wildcat Valley              465-  8X  Junior Girl

But, as Yogi Berra said; “It ain’t over until it’s over”.  There are still scheduled matches at FWRR and Wildcat Valley and it’s not too late for everyone else to put together a match and get into the competition.  There is money to be won – so jump in!

Hoosier Home Range Hundred Update; August 28, 2021

The NRA National Matches are winding down at Camp Atterbury, so it is time for the Hoosier Home Range Hundred to swing into high gear.  At Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver, we have incorporated the HHR-100 into our Thursday night practices to give our Juniors a chance to get more shots on targets for their classifications as well as for others who are working on classifications.

To date we have shot three HHR-100 matches, two of which were NRA Approved matches and one was just a pop-up match after a scheduled match. 

To date, the rankings are:

High Master                       Mike King            493-25X

Master                                Mark Walters     484-15X

Expert                                 Doc Habel          468-8X

Sharpshooter                     Colton Eads        474-4X

Marksman                          Joe Freiburger    440-4X

High Junior Boy                 Colton Eads        440-4X

High Junior Girl                  Kileen Shaffer     406-2X 

Since I’ve not received any scores from other Clubs, these are also the Indiana State standings – but stand by, more scores will be coming in as other clubs join in the chase!

Range Closure; Monday August 23

Range Closure; Monday August 23

The rifle range will be closed at 3:30 on Monday, August 23 for Junior High Power practice.

The pistol bays will be open.

Larry Beardsley

High Power Range Officer

Rifle Ranges Closed; Tuesday 27 July

All of the rifle ranges (100, 200 and 300 yard) will be closed on Tuesday, July 27 for work on the new bridge across the creek.

Pistol Bays 4 and 5 will be open

FWRR Meeting Reminder

WHAT:  Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club Meeting

WHERE:  FWRR Range; Harlan, IN

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 7:00 P.M.

Indiana State Junior High Power Championship; July 10, 2021

Saturday was the Indiana State Junior High Power Championship at the FWRR Range.  We had worked on this since March or April and it was like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid.  You want it to hurry up and get here, but there is always that little nagging doubt that you might not get what you wanted – or in this case things just might not turn out as well as you hoped.

Not to worry!  This was a day to remember.  The three relays for the match filled up early and we kept getting more and more Juniors registering.  Our last Juniors joined the match Friday evening about 6:00 when Dad found a way to get a day off work so he could bring them. Since they were driving up from French Lick – way down in southern Indiana, it wasn’t a quick trip either.

We had eleven Juniors in all from as far south as French Lick;  Lafayette; Maumee,  Ohio; McCordsville and of course our Ft, Wayne Juniors.  If I recall correctly, none of them are old enough to drive as yet (most are 14 or 15) and one of our FWRR Juniors just turned thirteen.  This group is a great building base for a statewide Junior High Power program.

The day was perfect for shooting.  As the week went on, the weather prospects improved steadily and by Saturday morning conditions were perfect.  We had a First Shot Ceremony where Sue Mogle, the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association VP for High Power fired our first shot.  It gave us a hint of what the day could bring when her offhand shot from 200-yards showed up as an X on Target 6!

We shot a National Match Course in three relays.  Since ten of the eleven shooters were Marksmen (some shooting their first match) we allowed coaching for Marksmen – the one young lady who is shooting at a CMP Master Classification level had to rely on herself.  The match went very well – the most important thing was that the Juniors had fun.  The Juniors were supported by a large group of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters as well as several shooters who just stopped by to see how the match was going.

Marshall; Indiana State Junior Offhand Champion
Our FWRR Junior Girls

There were seventeen “Old Folks” shooting as well – they had fun too, but the day was about the Juniors. 

After the match, lunch was served.  Michelle and Mark Walters acted as our caterers and laid out a spread of burgers, chicken, hot dogs, mac and cheese and just about anything you could have asked for to go with it.  If you went home hungry, it was your own fault.

We closed out the day with a quick Blind Draw Team Match where the Juniors drew team partners out of a hat and they drew a coach from the mix as well.  The Garand Course match fired on the MR 52 target (600-yard target reduced for 200-yards) proved to be a challenge.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted but on such a high that we didn’t realize it until we slowed down and sat for a while.  Our visitors had nothing but praise for our range.  Several visitors commented that it looked more like a golf course than a typical rifle range and a shooter from Wildcat Valley said; “These are the nicest firing points I’ve ever shot on.  I’ve played on worse putting greens.”  Even the Porta-Pots were bragged about!  Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make the range particularly nice for the day.

Junior State Championship Match results are:

Madelyn Schnelle; Indiana Junior High Power Champion

State Junior High Power Champion:             Madelyn Schnelle       489-23X

Classification Winners:

Master                                                            Madelyn Schnelle       489-23X

Marksman                                                      Robert Stevens           466-14X

Match Winners:

Offhand                                                          Marshall Rohrbach    95-1X  

Sitting Rapid                                                   Alex Becker                 95-3X

Prone Rapid                                                    Logan Becker              96-1X

Prone                                                              Emma Branson           182-6X

The top six “Old Folks” results were:

Mike King                    488-13X

Mark Walters             481-19X

Pete Yarbro                480-13X

Eric Becker                 479-  7X

Randy Jahn                 477-16X

Geoff Branson             473-  8X

Just to brag on the Juniors a bit; Madelyn Schnelle outshot Mike King by a point and ‘way out “X-ed” him.  Marshall Creedmored Mike in his offhand stage, 95-1X vs, 95-0X.  Mike had a pretty good day – but the Juniors came with their Game On!

Here is a link to a LOT of pictures from Saturday.  Thanks to Sue Mogle for capturing all the action.


Our next match will be a Mid-range match on July 24th. The match will not start until 11 AM (Registration opens at 9:45) – a deliberate late start so folks who have to come in from elsewhere won’t need to get up at oh-dark-thirty to get here for the event.

See you then!


The rifle ranges will be closed from 12:00 Noon until 3:00 P.M. on Monday, July 5 to allow maintenance of the ditch that crosses the property.

The pistol pits will be open.`

Mid-Summer Madness; June 11, 12 and 13th

      If I ever again suggest that we shoot four matches on three consecutive days – somebody call the head doctor and have me checked for mental stability.  Well, maybe not – by next summer I may decide to try it again.  Shooting Mid-Summer Madness on three consecutive days gives me a whole new appreciation of what it takes to shoot every day for a month at Camp Perry or Camp Atterbury.

I would call the three-day tournament a success.  There was a great response, a lot of people registered and until the hottest weather we had seen in a long time complicated things we were looking at a really big match.  Over the three days a number of shooters wisely recognized their physical limits and decided to stay out of the hot and oppressively humid conditions.  I think it was a good call – I don’t want to have to call EMS and use my first aids skills (such as they are) treating heat stroke or something worse.

Friday Afternoon – June 11  50-Round NRA National Match Course

We started out of Friday afternoon with a 50-round match.  I had two full relays (16 people) signed up and we ended up with 13 shooters coming to the line in two relays.

As generous as I might want to try to be – Friday afternoon was probably the most brutal set of conditions I have experienced at the FWRR range.  There was no wind at all, direct afternoon sun, and along with a temperature of at least 88-degrees, the humidity had to be in the 90% range as well.  After the Offhand stage, one shooter wisely called it quits and went to sit in an air conditioned truck.

But, the good news was that we had all three of our active Junior shooters on hand and all three of them soldiered through the oppressive heat and humidity.  I assured them that it wasn’t always this miserable and that things would be better most days.

The top three shooters in this match were:

Mike King        491-12X

Mark Richard  465-11X

Kris Hartwig    463-  6X

Congratulations to Kris – this was his first top-three finish up there with the heavy hitters.

Saturday, June 12 – CMP/NRA 50-80 Match

The Saturday match was sanctioned by both the CMP and NRA.  The NRA match could be shot as either a 50 or 80-round match, the CMP match was an 80-round match.

We started promptly at 8:03; it was about 70-degrees with no wind when the first two relays went to the line.  As the morning went on, it got warmer – but it never got back to the conditions of Friday afternoon.  We had 19 shooters, enough for two, two relay sessions- a very good turnout.

Colton and Marshall, two of our Junior Shooters, about halfway through the Offhand Stage

The match was routine – but we did have some unusual spectators during the first relay’s 300-yard slow fire stage.  About halfway through the stage, two speckled fawns pranced out from behind the 200-yard practice berm and frolicked around the low end of the range while we shot over their heads.  The SNAP of supersonic bullets going over their heads didn’t seem to bother them in the least and after a while they moved back behind the practice berm, none the worse for their experience.

As for weather again; we finished up at 86-degrees and about 83% humidity with a light wind (about 4 MPH) that made things almost bearable.

Two of our Junior shooters came back for this match and Colton Eads shot enough rounds over the two matches to get his initial NRA Classification as a Sharpshooter.  Congratulations Colton, good work!

The top three shooters in this match were:

Mike King                    784-27X

Mark Richard              774-21X

Mark Walters             768-24X

Sunday Morning, June 13  Mid-Range Tournament

Sunday dawned clear and cooler, 73-degrees but still with humidity in the high 80% range.  The Sunday morning session was, technically, a Tournament since it consisted of three, 60-round matches.  We shot all three matches as “any-sight” matches and all competitors, except Norbert Norden, used scoped rifles.  Again we had a good turnout, eleven shooters across two relays.  There was some shooter attrition from Saturday – enough was enough.

We shot the match as a block time match.  Each relay had three hours to complete their match; shooters were allowed to figure out for themselves what order and how many shots to take between breaks.  Some shooters shot 20-rounds at a time; others shot 40 rounds and then took a shade break.  It worked well – we finished the first relay in about two-hours and about the same for the second relay.  It helped move things right along!

The top three shooters Mid-Range shooters were:

Mike King                    598-35X

Mark Richard              594-31X

Ron Dague            594-24X

Sunday Afternoon; Mike Gingher M1A Memorial Match

By the time we came to the final match of the Mid-Summer Madness Weekend, the weather had taken its toll.  We had 10 shooters originally sign up for the match, but by shooting time we were down to four hardy souls who wanted to shoot just one more match to have a shot at the Aggregate score for the four match weekend.

This is a match we have named for Mike Gingher, a long time FWRR member and a very prominent figure in the High Power shooting sport.  He was a long time armorer for the USMC Reserve National Team and a fixture at Camp Perry National Matches as a Coach and armorer.

It was only fitting that two of the four shooters in the Mike Gingher Memorial Match were shooting Gingher Guns.  Mike King shot a National Match M1 that Mike built for Larry Beardsley about 1999 and Mark Walters shot a Gingher double-lugged M1A for the match.

Mike King with the Gingher M1 Garand
Mark Walters with the Mike Gingher double-lugged M1A

The Mike Gingher M1A Memorial Match results were:

Mark Richard              437-6X

Mark Walters             435-3X

Mike King                    432-4X

All three of these shooters were shooting “wooden guns”, a match requirement.  Gary Mabis shot an “other gun” (an AR service rifle) as an out-of-competition competitor and fired a 451-9X match.

By the time we finished the M1A Match, the weather had finally broken; the temperature was only about 82-degrees and the humidity had dropped to 47%.  A breeze had sprung up and Gary Mabis commented; “It almost feels cold right now!”

The Mid-Summer Match scores turned out as follows:

Four Match Aggregate First:              Mike King                    2305-78X

Four Match Aggregate Second:         Mark Richard              2270-69X

Four Match Aggregate Third:            Mark Walters             2251-72X

Match Fourth:                                     Kris Hartwig                1761-28X

Match Fifth:                                        Mike Habel                 1700-28X

Match Sixth:                                       Gary Mabis                 1654-29X

Match Seventh:                                  Ron Dague                  1301-35X

First Junior:                                         Colton Eads                1106-13X

Again – I must thank Mike and Glenna Grannis for their help as my Statistical Office and Finance Office.   There is absolutely NO WAY I could run a match this size without their help to keep scores and money straight.  XXX and OOO to Mike and Glenna!!!

Our next Match will be the Indiana Junior State Championship on July 10.  Keep an eye out for sign-up details.

High Power Practice – May 27th

High Power practice last night, May 27th, had a great turn-out.  We had all eight of our Silver Mountain Targets in operation, Jim and Mark brought their own SMT setups for a total of ten targets in operation and we still had to pair fire on one target because we had 11 shooters show up!

We had a really great turn-out Thursday afternoon. And, it really was getting that foggy by the time we finished.

And, with all of that –  we still finished up a full practice by 6:00.  Great job guys!

Just a reminder – the practice on June 3 is primarily a Junior practice. We will be giving special attention to our Juniors and the pace of things will be a lot different to meet their needs.

2021 Junior State Championship Match Program

Junior High Power State Championship Match

Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Reduced Course                         

Dates:            Saturday, July 10, 2021                            

Sponsor:        Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Location:       Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club Range, 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN  46743   Google: “15715 Rupert Road, Harlan IN” for detailed directions.

Contact Information:  For additional information, contact the FWRR High Power Match Director, Larry Beardsley, at FWRRHPdirector@aol.com.

Open To:       NRA or ISRPA membership not required.  All competitors must have a Release of Liability Agreement on file with FWRR, or must complete the Release at registration. Competitors must sign the Liability Release and a Parent, Guardian or an Authorized Adult must witness the signature.  An Authorized Adult must have signed Parental or Guardian consent to sign the Release of Liability.

Entry Fee: $10.00, payable at Statistics Office on Match day.  Cash or checks only please; no credit cards can be processed.  Entry fees are partially paid by an FWRR contributor and an IYSSF Grant.

Ammunition:  Any safe ammunition permitted – No tracers or incendiary rounds.             

Time:  Registration opens at 7:30 and closes at 8:30.  First shot – promptly at 9:00 A.M.  Lunch will be available – free to competitors and may be purchased for $10.00 by non-competitors.

Pre-Registration:  Pre-registrations are encouraged.  Register at FWRRHPDirector@aol.com.  Walk-in registrations will be accepted up to a range capacity of 28 competitors.  Adults may fire as “Out of Competition” shooters if range capacity allows.  Parents and sponsors of Competitors will be given preference for “Out of Competition” slots.

Course of Fire:  NRA 50-Round National Match Course.  The 600-yard stage will be fired at 300-yards on the MR-63 reduced target.

Rules:  2021 NRA High Power Rules will apply.  Match and Service rifles will be permitted. NRA Classifications will be used.  Shooters not having a classification will enter as Unclassified Master.  A Match Jury will be empaneled. 

Targets: The matches will be shot on Silver Mountain Electronic Targets.  Competitors are required to provide their own display device (Tablet, IPhone, IPad) or similar device.  Competitors are responsible for having enough battery capacity in their devices to support the operating time required for a match.

If, in the judgment of the Range Officer, a competitor is shooting in a manner that endangers the range equipment, that competitor will be withdrawn from the match and their match fees refunded.

Match Structure:  NRA Registered Match

Match 1– 200yds, slow fire, standing, 2 convertible sighters and 10 shots for record

Match 2 – 200yds, rapid fire, sitting, 2 sighters and 10 shots for record, 63 seconds

Match 3 – 300yds, rapid fire, prone, 2 sighters and 10 shots for record, 73 seconds

Match 4 – Simulated 600yds, slow fire, prone, 2 convertible sighters and 20 shots for record

Match 5– Course Aggregate: Matches 1-4.  Match 5 winner will be the Indiana Junior State Champion, subject to residency requirement.


Match Winners:  An award will be presented to the winner of each Match.

Classification Winner:  The high scoring competitor in each Classification will be presented an award.  Classifications will be combined until a minimum of three Competitors are represented in each Classification.

Residency:  Indiana Junior State Champion must be an Indiana resident.

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Electronic Target Scoring Rules

1. Verifier Duties.  During competitions with E-targets, competitors on a prior or upcoming relay are assigned as verifiers.   Duties of Verifiers include:

A. Confirming that competitors fire at their targets and that their targets score those shots.

B. Confirming that competitors fire the correct number of shots at their targets during slow and rapid-fire series.

C. Immediately notifying the RO regarding any questions, complaints or irregularities on the verifier’s target.

D. Scores recorded by verifiers are unofficial until the competitor’s monitors and associated shot data are cleared, then the verifier’s recorded scores become the official scores.

2. Protested Shot Value:   Since backing cards are not used, score value protests cannot be accepted unless the target identifies the shot with a “*” in the shot column, indicating something non-standard, such as extreme shot angle, abnormal velocity, loss of a sensor, etc.  In this case a protested shot value may be changed or refired at the Range Officer’s discretion.

3. Missing Shot, Slow Fire:

A.  Check for extra shots on adjacent targets. If the competitor agrees that the crossfire is his, score the shot as a miss.

B.  If the competitor disagrees that he fired crossfire, or if there is no indication of a crossfired shot on adjacent targets, direct the competitor to fire his next record shot. If that shot registers on the monitor, direct the competitor to continue firing to complete the required number of shots in the series.

C.  If the competitor fires his/her next record shot and that shot does not register on the monitor, move the competitor to a spare target and direct the competitor to continue firing to complete the required number of shots in the series.

4. Missing Shot, Rapid-Fire (Insufficient Hits):

A. Confirm the complaint with the competitor and verifier.

B. If the verifier confirms that the competitor did not fire all 10 shots (saved rounds), count the scored hits.

C. If the competitor fired all 10 shots and there are nine or fewer shots indicated, check for excessive hits on adjacent targets. If there are excessive hits equal to the number of missing shots, score the missing shot(s) as a miss(es).

D. If the competitor fired all 10 shots and there are nine or fewer shots indicated, and there are no excessive hits on adjacent targets, score the missing shot as equal to the value of the lowest scoring shot in that series, or allow refire of the string.

5. Unclaimed or Extra Shot, Slow Fire:

 A. If an unclaimed or extra shot appears on the monitor, the competitor may complain:

a) when he/she discovers the extra shot, or:

b) when the competitor has one shot to fire and the monitor indicates that all shots in that series have already been fired, or;

  c) when after firing the last shot, the competitor observes that the monitor indicates an extra shot has been fired.

B.  If the unclaimed shot appears before the completion of the series, check for missing shots on adjacent targets. If there is a missing shot on an adjacent target, direct the competitor to continue firing and disregard the crossfire.

C. If the extra shot cannot be identified before the end of the series, nullify the lowest value shot as the crossfire shot and count the remaining 10 or 20 shots as the competitor’s score.

D. If a target receives two or more unclaimed extra shots in a slow-fire series and crossfires cannot be identified, apply Rule 6.B (11 or 12 shots) or 6.C (13 or more shots).

E. If there is an unclaimed extra shot, it is also possible (very rare) that the extra shot (usually indicated as a frame hit or miss) was caused by a piece of debris from an off-target miss or frame hit on an adjacent target (ricochet hit). If a ricochet hit is identified, nullify the unclaimed extra shot and count the 10 or 20 record shots fired by the competitor.

6. Extra Shot(s), Rapid-Fire (Excessive Hits):

A. Confirm the complaint with the competitor and verifier.

B. If 11 or 12 hits are indicated in a rapid-fire series and the crossfire shot cannot be identified, nullify the lowest value hit/hits and count the remaining ten (10) shots as the competitor’s score (high 10).

C.  If 13 or more hits are indicated in a rapid-fire series and the crossfire shots cannot be identified, determine the total score for the 10 lowest value hits and give the competitor the option of:

a) accepting that score, or;

 b) refiring the series as a range alibi.

7. Bullet Diameter:  Calibers of individual competitor’s rifles are not assigned.  All targets score all shots as .308 caliber.

8. Failure of One or More Targets:   In the event of a target failure or malfunction, the competitor must be moved to a spare (hospital) target and allowed to refire the series in which the complaint occurred as a range alibi.