Range Safety System Update

The range safety system is getting close to being finished.  We had a spell of “good enough” weather on Tuesday, so we pulled in all of the wiring to the north stations and over the week we have two more switch stations active.

This is how a real electrician keeps his wires from getting all tangled up. Thanks Greg!

We ended up needing two pieces of plastic fittings and some odd hardware to finish the job, so it’s not totally done yet.

Five of the six control stations are active; all of the switches on the 100-yard line and the end switches by the concrete benches are live and can be used to control the strobe/horn units on the 100-yard positions.  We have the pieces and parts we need to finish up – we just need to get everyone healthy enough to finish it off.

A reminder: 

1. When shooters want to go downrange, place the switch at a control station in the up (HORN/STROBE) position to call a CEASE FIRE.  Announce:  “CEASE FIRE, THE RANGE IS COLD”.  Everyone put down their guns – actions open and do not handle guns while people are downrange.  Once everyone has acknowledged that a CEASE FIRE is in place, put the switch in the down (STROBE) position.  The flashing strobes mean that someone is downrange.  If multiple shooters go downrange, everyone should place a switch in the STROBE position.

2. When all shooters return to the firing line, one shooter needs to place the switch in the up (HORN/STROBE) position to get everyone’s attention.  Once everyone is back, and the line wants to go HOT; return all switches to the middle (OFF) position. Announce; “THE LINE IS HOT”.

 ALL switches must be OFF to turn off the strobe lights – any switch, anywhere, in the STROBE position will keep the light flashing. (Any switch, anywhere, in HORN/STROBE will keep that annoying horn sounding as well)

It will be a bit before we get the last wiring done, but it is getting close to being finished.  Thank you for your patience.