Winter Offhand – December 9, 2023

For most of the week it looked like would be shooting in a windy downpour today, but we ended up with a very good day for a match.  It was cloudy and a bit dark, but when we started it was 55-degrees and by quitting time it was 62!  The wind stayed out of the south and our south tree line sheltered the 100-yard range very nicely.  Not a bad day at all for December.

We had a good turnout – thirteen shooters; we ended up shooting two relays. 

Mike King topped the scoreboard for the day with a dominating 390-3X, followed by Mark Walters with a 379-6X,  Third and fourth places were close – with our guest from Toledo, John Pickens, and our Junior Mia King both shooting 374’s.  But John Creedmoored Mia with a 4X vs. her 3X.  Jeff Beierke closed out the top 5 with a 370-3X.

For the year to date, Mike King leads with a 765-15X, Mark Walters follows with 753-10X, then Marshall Rohrbach with 747-13X, Mia King with 743-9X and Gary Mabis with 706-3X.  We have three more matches to go and the season championship is still in play!

Our next match will on January 13, 2024.  After that match we are planning Brunch With the Juniors – a Junior fundraising project.  We will have a biscuit and gravy breakfast with coffee and pastries.  We will also have the first session of our Junior Rifle Raffle – a donated Winchester Model 94 in caliber .30-30.  It is a beautiful rifle refinished and blued by Mike Toscos. 

Come out and shoot with us – or just come out for Brunch

ISRPA Camp Atterbury Matches

Here is the schedule for Camp Atterbury matches in 2024:

April 13 and April 14:        80-round Regional Matches each day;  Range KD3

May 18 and May 19:        Small Arms Firing School and 80-round Regional Match (Date is tentative – may not happen);  Range KD4

June 15 and 16:                 EIC Match with squadded practice; Range KD3

August 24 and 25:             80-round Regional Matches each day; Range KD3

September 21 and 22:      State Championships; Range KD3


The housing office is accepting reservations for these dates now, so make reservations early.  Reservations can be cancelled and demand for rooms is high.