FWRR COVID-19 POLICY – August 8 Match

24 July 2020

The recent announcement from Indiana Governor Holcomb requiring the wearing of face masks has resulted in several questions concerning masks and our next match on August 8th.

The applicable portion of the Governor’s announcement is:

“Face masks will be required in indoor public spaces, including commercial entities and transportation services, as well as outdoor public spaces where social distancing is not possible.”

The italics are mine.  Our rifle match is in an outdoor space where we are able to maintain a six-foot social distance at just about all times.  We have been observant of social distancing issues during all of our matches this year.  There some exceptions, such as during check-in when we need to be closer but as we have found at Thursday practices and previous matches, keeping six feet apart is not a difficult task.

I do not see this announcement as a requirement to wear a mask at all times.  But there are times when we need to be masked.  When we are setting up and putting away targets, we need masks.  We get closer than 6-feet working on the catwalk under the pit roof.

During check-in, Stat Office workers and shooters need to be masked while interacting.  Our shooting positions are more than 6-feet apart. With our eight target setup we are able to spread out a bit more on the line to gain a little more space.  A scorer is more than 6-feet from the shooter’s head; (I really don’t think a shooter’s feet are an infectious area.)

Other parts of the Governor’s announcement are:

Masks are not required to be worn:

  • While participating in strenuous physical activity
  • If you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask

High Power shooting is a strenuous activity.  Fogging of safety eyewear from a mask makes wearing a mask while shooting impractical.  If you have a medical condition that makes you unable to wear a mask – make sure that you are extra vigilant in keeping an extended social distance from other shooters.  A personal attitude that; “The Governor can’t tell me to wear a mask” is mental condition, not a qualifying medical condition.

I am not going to make wearing a mask at all times a requirement to participate in the August 8th match, but I am going to ask that participants do wear a mask at times and under conditions when it is appropriate

If you want to wear a mask most of the time, fine.

And, our usual precautions:

If, within the previous two weeks, you know you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or if you have tested positive for COVID-19 – STAY HOME!

If you have a fever, feel achy or just don’t feel well –STAY HOME!

If you have a cough, sore throat, if things just don’t taste right or if you are a little short of breath –STAY HOME!

And, of course, any and all of this could be changed by the next announcement from the Governor

Larry Beardsley

FWRR High Power Range Officer