FWRR Newsletter; November – December 2020

FWRR Newsletter

November & December 2020

December Meeting Date & Location: The next FWRR meeting will be held on December 1st at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting location is the New Haven Community Center. The Community Center is located behind the New Haven McDonald’s, along U.S. 930 East. Firearms and alcohol are not allowed inside the facility.


Club Election: The biennial election of Club officers will be held at the December meeting. At present, the offices in contention include Vice President and Director. Please make an effort to attend the meeting, as a quorum is required for conducting the election and Club business.

2021 Match Schedules:

Range Officers should submit their 2021 schedules to the Program Manager, Ryan Brammer, no later than December 1, 2020.  Ryan can be reached at rvbrkba@ yahoo.com.

End of Year Notes from the President;

There is a new firing point at 100 yards on the 300 yard range.  Please stay off of it. It is newly seeded and soft.

Winter is coming. Stay off the grassy areas going out to the target frames when the ground is soft. Mowing is done for the year. I would like to thank all of the men who gave there time to take care of the mowing.

A great thanks to those who came out to Workday. The range looks great. There are some projects that still need to be done: 1) Replacing the foot bridge and 2) installing drainage pipes north of the 100 yard target frames and at the low spot between the gate and the driveway that leads to the pistol pit.

If I don’t see you at the December meeting, have a happy holiday and pray for a virus free new year.

High Power Happenings November – December 2020:

We closed out a very successful and active High Power season with the October Mid-range match. Our Silver Mountain electronic targets allowed us to shoot more relays in smaller groups to allow social distancing and overall we had more participants this year than we have had in many years.

Several FWRR members were consistently among the top shooters at the State level this year. Mike King repeated as the Governor’s Trophy winner and Mark Richard, Mark Walters and Geoff Branson were consistently in the top-10 in just about every match they shot.

The Hoosier Home Range Hundred series was a brainchild of Mark Richards. With at least five clubs and 85 shooters competing for an award pot of $1,000 it turned out to be a very popular ISRPA event.

At the close of the year we managed to put in a 100-yard shooting position to give us a third distance to use with the electronic targets. We plan to shoot a 100-yard reduced range match on one Thursday night every month next summer. This would be during a Thursday practice time and will not take any more range time – another opportunity to work on upgrading your NRA or CMP Classification.

I have turned in a proposed 2021 schedule and part of that schedule includes several dates for NRA and CMP Team Matches at Camp Perry and Camp Atterbury. FWRR has been out of the team match habit too long – next year we come back!

Winter Offhand starts on November 14th; Saturday morning at 9:00. Depending on weather, we might shoot at electronic targets – we’ll see how it goes. Yeah, I know that is the opening day of deer season – so I guess I can understand why someone might want to go sit in a tree instead. Just be safe – wherever you go!

Larry Beardsley High Power Range Officer

Safety Officer: Many times the Club Safety Officer comes across as the bad guy – like the OSHA inspector at a job site or that QA guy who keeps getting in the way of finishing a job. But – every so often the Safety guy finds a way to make life a bit better for everyone.

I had some issues with some things in the pistol bays that led to a very good discussion of how things were being done and what could be done to make our range a safer place to shoot. The outcome was that we will do a major range improvement in the pistol bays – raising the wing berms to the level of the base of the containment berm to allow the Action Pistol folks to safely use a wider angle of engagement in their match setups.

Before we get too far into winter, I want to do some marking of our south property line to warn potential trespassers that they are encroaching on a danger area. This will include a simple horse wire fence line, purple markings on trees (per Indiana law) and signage to warn people off.

Larry Beardsley, Safety Officer

Newsletter Editor: A Newsletter Editor is being sought. The volunteer must have access to a computer, word processing software, and email. The present Newsletter Editor, Chip Seidel, is willing to assist with the transition. Contact Jim Sweeney or Martin Didion for further information. Thanks go to Chip for his work on the newsletter as well as with special mailings and membership renewals.

End of an Era: The muzzleloading program will come to a close this year due to low participation. Sincere thanks to Dennie McNabb for the many years that he ran the program.

2021 Membership Renewal: Members should expect to receive the 2021 Membership Renewal Form via U.S. Mail no later than the end of November, 2020. The exception is individuals who are inducted at the October and December 2020 meetings. Be sure to include proof of current NRA membership with your completed form. NRA Life members who have previously submitted proof of lifetime membership are not required to submit proof annually. The renewal form and proof of NRA membership (as applicable) must be submitted by all members, even FWRR life members.