Work Begins on New Pistol Bay Firing Points

Saturday, November 13 broke as a raw, windy day but it didn’t keep a sizeable crew from showing up to start work on the new shelters for the firing points in the pistol bay.  The old firing point covers were well past their service lifetime and the Club had agreed with the shooters in the pistol disciplines that it was time for an upgrade.  A proposal was made to the Directors, it was accepted and plans went into action to get the project underway by the start of winter.

A blustery day, but lots of people to get the job done
Lots of ladders to get to the high work

At 7:30 Saturday morning a dumpster was waiting at the gate and by noon the old firing point covers were loaded up and the dumpster hauled away.  A trailer loaded with material had been spotted in the pistol bays and the crew made short work of getting it to the places it needed to be.

A trailer with material was ready for the work crew
Setting the trim edge in Bay 3

All five of the pistol bays will have an aluminum framed, metal roofed shelter built as a cover to protect shooters and match officials from the weather.  They are going to be an attractive addition to the pistol facility.

Gusty winds made handling sheets of metal roofing interesting – to say the least!
Framework going up in Bay 4
The new shelter in Bay 5

Great work guys (and girls)

Exploiting Cheap Teen-Age Labor – Junior Shooter Brass Preparation

There is an old saying; “It’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye put out”.  Well, a similar saying about High Power shooting could be; “It’s all fun and games until it’s time to do brass preparation”.

Over the 2021 High Power season, our Junior shooters went through about 800 rounds of ammunition each.  Now that the season is complete – it is payback time.  To get ready for the 2022 season, we are trying to have about 2500 rounds of ammunition ready for the Juniors – and that means we have to get 2500 cases ready to load.

We sent cases out for cleaning, depriming, sizing and trimming, but we need to deburr and chamfer the cases to make loading easier and to be sure that cases feed reliably.  SO, it is case prep time.  There is an assembly line process here; Marshall and Colton clean up the inside of the case neck and Kileen and I finish up the outside of the case. It took us a bit of time to get things running smoothly, but we went through most of a 600 round bag of mixed brass in the first session. 

We swapped jobs – Colton and Kileen are cleaning up the outside of the case

The inside turners finished up all 600 cases in the bag and the outside turners had about a hundred left at the end of the session. Good work guys! We have planned several case prep sessions and once we get the cases finished, the Juniors get to learn the next step – squeezing a priming tool!

We need to work up our load for next year – we will be using a different powder than we used this summer (2021 was WC 842, 2022 will be WC844) and then we start loading the cases.