Winter Offhand; January 14, 2023

Saturday, January 14th was the first Winter Offhand of 2023 and we turned over a fresh page for the New Year.  For a change – the weather was on our side.  It wasn’t snowing like it did for the matches in November and December.  It was beautiful (well at least for mid-January).  The sun was shining, there was almost no wind and at 29-degrees – it felt almost balmy!

Look downrange – that’s sunshine!

And, a note from the High Power Director – the High Power shooters spoil me.  Match time was 9:00.  I arrived about 7:55 to open up –  and the gate was already open.  I wandered down to the clubhouse.  The lights were on, someone had the heat running and the guys were already downrange taking down target frames and setting number boards.  By 8:30 the first relay was full with 12 shooters and we had four more shooters for the second relay – 16 shooters in all – more than we have had in a long time!

More sunshine on the low end of the line

Standings for the day:

Mike King            385-5X

Doc Habel           375-6X

Mark Walters     366-4X

Gary Mabis          359-3X

Mia King              355-3X

Season Standings after three matches (1200 point aggregate)

Mike King            1160-22X

Mark Walters     1082- 9X

Mia King              1065-15X

Doc Habel is on a hot streak with a 382 and a 375 for the last two matches – he is not out of the season competition by any means.

Oh, by the-way, Mark Richard sent his regrets, but he was in Florida this weekend.  He claimed that the weather was warm and he walking on the beach and sitting in the spa. 

Does this look like “Sunny Florida” to you?

BUT, he sent a picture along and I wonder if the weather there was any nicer than the Indiana weather today?