Hoosier Outlaws Return to FWRR

Saturday, May 27th was a beautiful day for a match!  We had seven shooters come out, that was about the turnout I expected considering it was the Memorial Day weekend and that there were other, bigger matches in the area.

The seven shooters that did show up did have a great time and shot six fast stages.  There were no ladies this time (except for support staff).  They must have been home preparing the dinner for all of the men that were out shooting (just a joke).

The one great thing that happened Saturday was the first ever clean match for Anvil Adam when shooting in Pale Rider Gunfighter.  For people that do not know what that is, you have to shoot the match Gunfighter style (one pistol in each hand at the same time).  The loads have to be black powder, and full power black powder.   The shotgun has to be at least 12 gauge (some use a 10 gauge) with 50 grains of powder (usually FFG).  The rifle and pistol loads have to be at least 40 caliber or larger and have to be loaded with at least 30 grains of the Holy Black.

These heavy loads handicap you in a couple of different areas.  First off, you have the recoil, which is not light by any means.   Even bigger than that, you have to see through the smoke to see your targets.  

That much black powder smoke would make it difficult for even Superman and his X-ray vision to see the targets, so a big Congratulations to Anvil Adam.   (A note from an observer – from the high power range it looked like someone was starting a trash fire or cooking burgers over in the pistol pits with all the powder smoke!)

FWRR’s own Wild Walt finished as the top Outlaw of the day, finishing first in four of the six stages.  His total time for the day, 142.04 seconds, was 23-some odd seconds faster that the next shooter and that makes him the Fastest Gun in the East – at least for this match.  But – there is always someone gunning for you at the nest session.