Winter Offhand Match 11 November – Marshall Rohrbach tops score list!

Saturday was a bright, beautiful day for a Match!

Saturday, November 11 was the opening match in the Winter Offhand Tournament.  It was a beautiful day for shooting; great light, brisk but not chilly temperatures and no wind.  Fourteen shooters came out for the day and as Mark Walters commented; “Wow, folks came out to shoot today” – some really good scores were posted.

As we were totaling scores, someone commented “Oh well; Mike, Mark and Mark again”.  

Uhhh, nope – not this time.  The top slots are still an “M” club, but today the “M” club was Marshall Rohrbach, Mark Richard, Mike King, Mark Walters and Mia King.  Great shooting guys (and girl).

The top five scores were:

Marshall Rohrbach (Junior Boy)                      381-5X

Mark Richard                                                    378-3X

Mike King                                                          375-6X

Mark Walters                                                    374-4X

Mia King    (Junior Girl)                                    369-6X

It should be noted that this was the first time that one of our Juniors was a match winner.  Congratulations to Marshall!

On occasion The Old Man can still offer some coaching tips
Mia and Kileen didn’t really need their toboggan hats for the Saturday Match

Thanks to Jon McDaniel for bringing us donuts and Sajea Shaffer for being our photographer – I will post pictures to the website later on.

Out next match is the second Saturday in December, December 9th.  Registration opens about 8:15 and we shoot when the first relay is full or we get good light – you never know about gloomy December days.  The second relay is at about 9:00 and we finish up about 10:30, so it doesn’t take a lot of the day.

Larry Beardsley Sends