Winter Offhand for the 2023-2024 season is over and as that great philosopher and intellectual Yogi Berra might have put it; “The fat lady has sung”.  As we went into the final match of the season, there were three people in contention for the top spots, Mike King, Mark Walters and Marshall Rohrbach.  We had predicted a close finish if Mike stumbled a bit and Marshall brought his A-game and we were not disappointed.

It was an overcast and dark day with some wind from the northwest, but all in all, not a bad day to shoot – certainly not a dreary rainy day that we had been promised earlier in the week.  Mark Walters took high score for the day with a 384-6X and Marshall did indeed bring his A-game, matching Mark’s 384, but with only a 4X-count.  Mark Creedmoored him.  Mike King slipped just a little bit (well, for Mike) with “only” a 381-7X.  Even so, Mike held on for a season win.

It wasn’t a bad day to close out the Winter Offhand season

For the 2023- 2024 Winter Offhand season, the top five shooters were:

Mike King                           1536-31X             (Four matches)

Mark Walters                    1522-21X             (Four matches)

Marshall Rohrbach           1506-25X             (Four matches, High Junior)

Gary Mabis                         1419-  9X             (Four matches)

Kris Hartwig                       1069-  6X             (Three matches)

Congratulations to these top five shooters – and one lesson that can be taken from these standings is that if you want to finish at the top, you need to be there to shoot!  You can’t leave points on the table with this crowd.

Breakfast with the Juniors was a great success. No one went home hungry!

BUT – then after the match, we had Breakfast with the Juniors.  The clubhouse that usually smells like wet boots and gun oil had a different aroma today; sausages, gravy, biscuits, eggs and fresh coffee. The Juniors put out a great breakfast spread and if anyone went home hungry – well it was their own fault!  About 30 people came to breakfast – thanks to everyone for coming out. 

Thanks to Gary, Mia, Sajea and Wendy for their help in putting the event together.  It went so well we are considering Lunch with the Juniors later on in the summer.