FLASH MATCH – Saturday March 30, 2024

You’ve heard of Flash Mobs – not a good thing – but we have a Flash Match (a good thing). By popular demand, we have set up a match that we didn’t have on our original 2024 schedule.

On Saturday, 30 March we will have a 3 x 600 (Reduced) match at the FWRR Range. It will be a lot like our Mid-range matches, 3 strings of fire – 20 rounds for record on the MR-63 reduced 60-yard target. Each string will be a 25 – minute time limit with all of the sighters you want to fire before you go for record prior to each string.

We will shoot on electronic targets, so bring your display device and a hot battery for it.

Entry fee is $20.00. This is not a formal match registered with anybody – it’s just us having fun. 50% of entry fees go out as prizes; top three shooters if less than 10 entries – top 5 if 10 or more. This is a benefit match for the Juniors and the “Count the Bullets” Jar will be there with chances to purchase opportunities to make your estimate of the bullets in the jar.

Sign-in and setup will open about 8:00 or 8:15 – registration closes at 8:30 and shooting starts when I get a full relay – or about 9:00 when if looks like everybody who is coming has arrived.

Come on out and get an early start to the 2024 season.