Mid-Range Tournament – October 13, 2018

We had a very nice early fall day for the match – a pleasant change from the wet, rainy and cloudy days we have had many on match days this summer.

Nine shooters came out.  Awards were as follows:
Tournament Winner**     Norb Norden        592-21X     $8
Second                           Mark Walters        589-30X     $5
Third                               Ron Dague           576-23X     $3
High Iron Sight Score     Norb Norden        199-8X        $10
High Match 1                  Ron Dague          198-13X       $3
High Match 2                  Mark Walters        199-14X      $3
****  Incidentally, Norb shot all three matches with iron sights.  Who says you’ve got to shot a ‘scope to win…..?
Thanks to all who came out.  Next match, Sunday November  18 at 1:00 P. M.  40-round offhand,  shot at 100 yards.