Mike King Recognized as Distinguished Rifleman


Mike King

Distinguished Rifleman # 2444

CMP Shooter’s News
June 22, 2019
New Distinguished Shooters. The CMP extends its congratulations to the following competitors for achieving this prestigious status!  The most recent shooters to earn Distinguished Badges are listed below.
Distinguished Riflemen Badge 
#2444  Michael King, Fort Wayne, IN

Distinguished Rifleman  Badges are awarded for excellence in marksmanship with authority granted by the U. S. Government and confirmed in 36 USC §40722 [3}. The Badge is awarded for excellence in Service Rifle marksmanship in U. S. competitions governed by the CMP or the individual Armed Services.  The CMP administers the Distinguished Rifleman Badge Program for civilians.  The name of the recipient, the year the badge was earned and the badge serial number are engraved on the badge.

The number of matches in which Non-Distinguished Civilians may compete in any calendar year for EIC points is limited to one National Trophy Individual Match and maximum of five CMP-sanctioned Service Rifle EIC matches. The points from more than five EIC matches in one calendar year will not be counted.

In order for EIC credit points earned in a sanctioned EIC match to be recognized, the match must  be a National Match Course of fire that complies with CMP Competition Rules with at least six eligible Non-Distinguished shooters. The highest scoring 10 percent of all those Non-Distinguished shooters are awarded EIC credit points –  provided that the score fired by the competitor equals or exceeds the EIC Minimum Credit Score, which for Service Rifle is 91%!

a) Highest one-sixth of the top 10 percent: Gold medal or 10 points

b) Next highest two-sixths of top 10 percent: Silver medal or eight points

c) Remaining three-sixths of top 10 percent: Bronze medal or six points.

The CMP awards the Distinguished Rifleman Badge when a Civilian competitor earns 30 or more points and has earned at least one eight or ten-point award.

What does all of this mean in practice? 

In a designated EIC Match, you have to shoot at least 91% (455/500), finish in the top 10% to qualify for points, win a Gold or Silver medal in at least one match and – you only get to shoot in 5 matches a year to earn your 30 leg points.

You can shoot a 465/500, finish third in the match behind a 467 and 469 and if there are only four non-Distinguished shooters in the match, none of you go home with EIC points!

(Points do carry over to the next year, probably the only break a competitor gets in this quest).

To say that this is a hard qualification is an understatement! 

April 13 50/80 Match




                                                     Bright, Sunny and Brisk



Saturday, April 13th dawned clear and rain free –unusual conditions for a High Power Match of late.  The down side; there was a brisk westerly wind most of the day that made eyes water, noses drip and cheeks chap.  But, I never heard the usual shooter’s cry; “I can’t feel my fingers!”  High Power shooters can complain about most weather – so on the whole it was a nice day for an April Match.

Twenty shooters came to the line at 9:00 – a very good turn out for a first match.  And, it looked like a first match.  We had at least three folks with rifle problems and three of the four Motorola radio batteries died. (I thought those batteries were only a couple of years old, but when I opened the back of the radios it turns out I last replaced them in May of 2012.  Time flies when we’re having fun.)

Match winners were:

Match 1; Offhand:                  Jim Schieltz                 196 –   6X

Match 2; Sitting:                     Mike King                    199 – 10X

Match 3; Rapid Prone            Jim Jackson                 198 –  3X

Match 4; Prone                       Robert Working          199 –  11X

The overall results:

First:                Robert Working          775 –  26X

Second:           Mike King                    774 –   22X

Third:              Jim Schieltz                 764 –   20X

We finished up about 2:45.  Thanks to all who came out to shoot – and again a great big THANK YOU to Glenna and Mike Grannis for being our Stat Office people.

Oh, by the way – does anyone have a blank Wailing Wall score sheet? The NRA quit printing them about 2011 and we used the last one Saturday.

Work Day is Saturday, 20 April and the next match is May 11th.  See you then.




Lima Sabers Match Schedule

The Lima Sabers Shooting Association has a number of members who come over to FWRR to shoot matches with us.  We are affiliated clubs, which means that Sabers shoot with us for member fee rates and FWRR members shoot at Lima for their member fee rates.

Since the Sabers shoot on the first Saturday, they don’t compete with our Matches.  Here is their schedule for this summer.


May 4

June 1

July 6

August 3

September 7

October 5


All Matches are 80-round Regional NRA Approved Matches per Rule 7.15.  Slow-fire prone will be shot at 300 yards on the MR-63 target, just like we do. Registration opens at 8:00 and shooting starts at 9:00.  For more information contact Jim Schieltz at jpschieltz@yahoo.com (567-204-5748) or Joe Bakies at bakies6@gmail.com (419-234-3750)


Brass and Trash Call

Steel Cases and Case Magnet

At the close of every stage of a high power match, we hold “Brass Call” when shooters pick up their spent cartridge cases.  Policing up brass reduces litter on the range and also reduces projectile hazards when we cut grass on the range.  Most high power shooters reload their brass and want to salvage as much of it as they can.

Casual shooters are not always as determined as high power shooters in finding their spent cases – especially if those cases are Berdan primed steel cases that cannot be reloaded or disposable aluminum pistol cases.  During the High Power Clinic I noticed that we were starting to accumulate a lot of steel cases around the firing lines.  I’m lazy, so I went to the hardware store and bought a floor magnet to help me pick up steel cases.

A couple of passes along the firing lines yielded a pretty good pile of cases.  The great majority of the cases are 7.62 X 39 cases; probably from AK and SKS rifles.

We are also accumulating a real pile of .22 rimfire cases along the front edge of the concrete.  A note to rimfire shooters; policing your brass does not mean kicking it off the front of the concrete into the grass or gravel.  We will put a broom and dustpan out on the covered firing points by the clubhouse to assist you in gathering up loose cases rolling around on the deck.

And, since we no longer have a dumpster, please be mindful of your trash.  Bring along a garbage bag to take it home.  We will also try to keep trash can liners in the new white building to use in the cans on the covered firing points.  Let’s take just an extra minute to keep our range clean.

High Power Clinic; March 30, 2019





Saturday, March 30 was the day we selected for the High Power Clinic back in December of 2018.  I am amazed at how accurate I have become in predicting a rainy day at least four months in advance.  Saturday dawned, if I can even attempt to use that term, cloudy, rainy and gloomy.

And – to add to the low expectations of the day – the gerstunken heater in the white building would not light off for us Saturday morning.  It had worked Monday, it had worked Wednesday.  It had even worked on Thursday.  But, No –  it – wouldn’t light for us on Saturday morning.  The good news was that it was about 55-degrees outside and after 14 students and a group of helpers gathered for the class, the building warmed up a bit.

After all of this complaining, I was very pleased to see 14 folks show up for the class. The class endured the less than ideal setting and based on the feedback sheets I received, things went better than expected.

About 10:30 or so, we had a very pleasant surprise.  Darrell Fish dropped by, set up his little Coleman one burner heater and whipped up a quick lunch of hot dogs, chips and cookies for the class.  Classroom work ended up about 1:00 and we adjourned to the porch for a shooting session.

Since it was raining, we set up targets at 100-yards. The course of fire was 15  shots from a bench to simulate a slow-prone stage followed by 10 rounds fired as a rapid fire string.  Targets were re-centered and pasted and a 10-shot offhand stage closed out the shooting session.  There were a number of club members present to give hands-on assistance to the students.

It turned out to be a pretty good day after all.  As one student commented; “This beats sitting home and watching it rain”.

I will probably miss thanking someone, but I want to thank Darrell Fish for fixing lunch.  A “Thank You” also goes out to Jim Sweeney, Mike King, Aaron Kohler, Jess Jessup, Mike Grannis and Glenna Grannis for their help with things.

Next on the calendar is the first 50/80 Match of the season on April 13th, barely two weeks from now.  I’ll see you then!


Winter Offhand Match – March 10, 2018

Well, the 2018 – 2019 Winter Offhand Matches came to their close this Sunday afternoon.  Nine shooters and an observer came out into the wind for the last match of the season.

To say that it was not a good day for offhand shooting would probably be an understatement. It was windy – no one had one of those nifty Kestrel meters, but I would guess gusts well above 20-MPH.  (National Weather Service says 25 with gusts to 39). To aggravate the wind, it came from the west to north-west, which put it in the right eye of shooters.  Between bleary eyes and wind pushing rifles around, no one had a really good day – no season’s bests were set today.

The season had five matches scheduled and we shot all five of them – the first time we’ve been able to do that for several winters – no weather cancellations.  The winner for the season aggregate score was set as the best three matches of the five.  Although there were shooters who shot all five matches, their season aggregate scores were the best of their five matches.

Season three match aggregate winners and awards are:

Mike King                   1141 – 21X      $43.00 First Place plus $5.00 X-Man Award

Mark Walters             1095 – 13X      $22.00 Second Place

Jeff Beierke               1049 – 14X      $11.00 Third Place

Five match aggregate scores were:

Steve Kage                 1566 – 8X

Kris Hartwig                1514 – 3X

Jeff Beierke                 1351 – 14X

Congratulations to the Three Match and Five Match top three finishers.

And, in the best traditions of the sport, Joe Freiberger came out and shot all five matches and he wins the Anchor Man Award for hanging in there and giving it his best with his 1917 Enfield!

Joe Freiberger             752 – 0X          Anchor Award  $5.00

I want to thank all of the shooters.  We had 52 entries for the year and all of you helped me with setting up, putting things away, running a smooth and safe line and being respectful to your fellow shooters by taking the light hearted social chatter off the line so as not to disturb folks still shooting.

I’m looking forward to the High Power Clinic on March 30 and the first 50/80 Match on April 13th.

CMP Affiliation Renewed for 2019


The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club’s affiliation with the CMP has been renewed for 2019.

What does this mean to members?

A member of an affiliated Club is, by virtue of that membership, entitled to buy “stuff” from the CMP.  “Stuff” can range from ammunition to air rifles to M1 Garands.  Our proximity to the CMP North Store at Port Clinton, Ohio makes it easy for us to make a road trip just to check things out, get a good Walleye or Perch sandwich and make it home with dayliight to spare.

Winter Offhand Match – Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Eleven of the twelve shooters come to the line. There’s always one guy …..

                                   The Enfield Brigade

I’ll give you a hint – those are not frost heaves or gopher mounds out on the range.

February 17th dawned as promised; about 30-degrees, cloudy and gray with a prediction of anywhere from 60 to 100% probability of snow depending on the weather guru you consulted.  But, an even dozen shooters came out for the Winter Offhand Match.  It’s nice to have a full line!

It turned out not to be a bad day to shoot.  There were some icy patches that made footing a bit tricky in places, but nothing like the ice rink conditions of Thursday! The wind was from almost due east and the building provided a very nice wind break for all but the four low-end positions. At 26-degrees, fingers got cold, but manageable.  We had a full relay well before 1:00 so we started shooting about 12:45.

At the end of the day, the top three places looked like this:

Mike King        379  – 6X

Jeff Beierke     374 –  6X

Mark Walters   369 –  2X

The high string of the day was shot by Gary Mabis in the first relay; 194 – 1X.

After four matches, the aggregate standing leaders are:

Jeff Beierke     1351 – 14X

Steve Kage      1255 –  7X

Kris Hartwig    1239 –  3X

The last Winter Offhand Match is Sunday, March 10th.  The season champion will be determined by the best three scores out of the five matches.

And, we finished up by about 1:30 and everyone had time to get home and watch the Daytona 500 Demolition Derby.

High Power Clinic – Saturday, March 31 with Garand Match to follow  Experienced shooters are needed to help new shooters with the Match.  Helpers shoot FREE.


High Power Clinic Program


Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Range Address – 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN

For Clinic information, Contact FWRR High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com

The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club, in conjunction with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will present a High Power Rifle Clinic for new shooters and as an outreach program to Junior shooters (16 years or older) at our local range off Indiana Highway 37, north of Harlan, Indiana.

WHEN/ WHERE:  March 30, 2019.   Registration opens at 7:30.  Class begins at 8:00 AM until approximately 3:00 PM.  There is a lunch break after classroom instruction, but no lunch available on site – bring a sack lunch. Early registration is requested and recommended. Clinic is held at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club range located at  15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN  46743

WHAT:  Classroom:  Approximately 3 hours of classroom instruction on safety, handling, aiming, ballistics, positioning and shooting M1 Garand and AR-15 type rifles. Instruction will be provided by CMP Certified Master Instructors.

LIVE FIRE:  Participants will compete in a 35-round John C. Garand Match to reinforce classroom instruction.

WHO: The Clinic is open to citizens of good character and good mental focus.  Priority will be given to Junior Shooters (age 16 to 20 years).  The Clinic is limited to 25 shooters.

HOW:  Contact the Ft. Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.  Participants must complete a CMP and FWRR Release of Liability.  Participants under 18 years of age must have Liability Release signed by parent or guardian.  For safety reasons, participants must be able to safely hold a 10-pound rifle in the Offhand shooting position.

COST:  $25.00.  Cost includes classroom instruction, student guide handout materials and certificate of participation which will qualify participant to purchase an M1 Garand from the CMP.  Participants will receive reduced Match fees for 2019 FWRR Matches.  M1 and AR-15 rifles are available for loan and ammunition (.30-06 and 5.56 mm) can be purchased for participant use.  Discuss these requirements prior to Clinic date

January 13 Winter Offhand Match


                                  A Bright January Afternoon – A Great Day to Shoot


13th dawned a bit foggy and cloudy, but by 12:00 when the shooters started to gather, it promised to be a very nice January afternoon.  The early arrivals started the heater in the new building and shoveled the snow off the porch.

Thanks guys.

By 1:00 we had eleven shooters and three people observing the match, a good turn-out.  The sun came out and we ended up with a bright, sunny afternoon in which to shoot.


For the day, the top five rankings were:

Mike King        379-5x

Jeff Beierke     367-5X

John Halter     353-5X

Aaron Kohler  334-1X

Kris Hartwig    329-2X


Season Leaders after three matches are:

Jeff Beierke                 977-8X

Steve Kage                  947-4X

Larry Beardsley           929-6X

Two matches remain on the schedule, and the season winner is still to be determined


Shooter Notes:

Congratulations to John Halter on his first match as a Grand Senior, shooting a 353-5X today;

and –

Congratulations to Mike King who just received his High Master card from the NRA.