Winter Offhand Match Results; November 18, 2018

Sunday, 18 November, turned out to be a really nice day for a rifle match.  Six competitors and two observers were greeted by a Christmas card snow that covered the range as the match began.  It was a cool (about 34-degree) day, but with no wind it was a very pleasant day to shoot.  By the time we began the second relay the snow had stopped and water was dripping off the roof to give you a chill down your neck as you gathered brass at the front of the firing line.

We had an interesting mix of rifles today.  We had two Garands, two 1917 Enfields, an AR and a Swiss 1911.  These offhand matches are good opportunities to shoot that rifle that sits in the back of the gun safe that you never take out to matches when you keep score!

Results for the day were:

Larry Beardsley  (Seriously!)               326-2x

Jeff Beierke                                         302-0X

Steve Kage                                         300-1X

Kris Hartwig                                        260-0X

Mike Bailey                                          221-0X

Joe Freiberger                                   184-0X

The next Winter Offhand Match is the second Sunday of December, December 9th, at 1:00.  See you there!