High Power Clinic; March 30, 2019





Saturday, March 30 was the day we selected for the High Power Clinic back in December of 2018.  I am amazed at how accurate I have become in predicting a rainy day at least four months in advance.  Saturday dawned, if I can even attempt to use that term, cloudy, rainy and gloomy.

And – to add to the low expectations of the day – the gerstunken heater in the white building would not light off for us Saturday morning.  It had worked Monday, it had worked Wednesday.  It had even worked on Thursday.  But, No –  it – wouldn’t light for us on Saturday morning.  The good news was that it was about 55-degrees outside and after 14 students and a group of helpers gathered for the class, the building warmed up a bit.

After all of this complaining, I was very pleased to see 14 folks show up for the class. The class endured the less than ideal setting and based on the feedback sheets I received, things went better than expected.

About 10:30 or so, we had a very pleasant surprise.  Darrell Fish dropped by, set up his little Coleman one burner heater and whipped up a quick lunch of hot dogs, chips and cookies for the class.  Classroom work ended up about 1:00 and we adjourned to the porch for a shooting session.

Since it was raining, we set up targets at 100-yards. The course of fire was 15  shots from a bench to simulate a slow-prone stage followed by 10 rounds fired as a rapid fire string.  Targets were re-centered and pasted and a 10-shot offhand stage closed out the shooting session.  There were a number of club members present to give hands-on assistance to the students.

It turned out to be a pretty good day after all.  As one student commented; “This beats sitting home and watching it rain”.

I will probably miss thanking someone, but I want to thank Darrell Fish for fixing lunch.  A “Thank You” also goes out to Jim Sweeney, Mike King, Aaron Kohler, Jess Jessup, Mike Grannis and Glenna Grannis for their help with things.

Next on the calendar is the first 50/80 Match of the season on April 13th, barely two weeks from now.  I’ll see you then!