April 13 50/80 Match




                                                     Bright, Sunny and Brisk



Saturday, April 13th dawned clear and rain free –unusual conditions for a High Power Match of late.  The down side; there was a brisk westerly wind most of the day that made eyes water, noses drip and cheeks chap.  But, I never heard the usual shooter’s cry; “I can’t feel my fingers!”  High Power shooters can complain about most weather – so on the whole it was a nice day for an April Match.

Twenty shooters came to the line at 9:00 – a very good turn out for a first match.  And, it looked like a first match.  We had at least three folks with rifle problems and three of the four Motorola radio batteries died. (I thought those batteries were only a couple of years old, but when I opened the back of the radios it turns out I last replaced them in May of 2012.  Time flies when we’re having fun.)

Match winners were:

Match 1; Offhand:                  Jim Schieltz                 196 –   6X

Match 2; Sitting:                     Mike King                    199 – 10X

Match 3; Rapid Prone            Jim Jackson                 198 –  3X

Match 4; Prone                       Robert Working          199 –  11X

The overall results:

First:                Robert Working          775 –  26X

Second:           Mike King                    774 –   22X

Third:              Jim Schieltz                 764 –   20X

We finished up about 2:45.  Thanks to all who came out to shoot – and again a great big THANK YOU to Glenna and Mike Grannis for being our Stat Office people.

Oh, by the way – does anyone have a blank Wailing Wall score sheet? The NRA quit printing them about 2011 and we used the last one Saturday.

Work Day is Saturday, 20 April and the next match is May 11th.  See you then.