Range Critters

After our episodes with four legged, two legged and four wheeled trespassers, the fence by the high power pits was improved and mended.  We wanted to make sure that our easy access point had been secured, so we put a camera in a tree by the groundhog hotel.

We didn’t find any unwelcome trespassers, which is a good thing.  But, we did find out that there is a lot of traffic in that corner.  We recorded, mostly at night, several different skunks (who probably live in the groundhog hotel), possums, a small deer, numerous raccoons, a scroungy looking groundhog who has already started moving dirt, and a classy dude – maybe a Foxy Lady.

What does the fox say?


2019 Membership Dues

The deadline for members to renew their 2019 Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club memberships is rapidly approaching.

The deadline for dues for is February 28th.  Any dues received on March 1st or later are subject to a $25.00 late fee.  Members whose dues are not received by April 30th will be dropped from the membership roll and must reapply for membership.

Any member having questions or who are experiencing extenuating financial issues should contact the Club Treasurer:


or by mail at:


Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

P. O. Box 8295

Fort Wayne, IN  46898





CMP Affiliation Renewed for 2019


The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club’s affiliation with the CMP has been renewed for 2019.

What does this mean to members?

A member of an affiliated Club is, by virtue of that membership, entitled to buy “stuff” from the CMP.  “Stuff” can range from ammunition to air rifles to M1 Garands.  Our proximity to the CMP North Store at Port Clinton, Ohio makes it easy for us to make a road trip just to check things out, get a good Walleye or Perch sandwich and make it home with dayliight to spare.


Sometimes it seems that things just run all by themselves.  We go out to the range and notice that some of the supports on the target frames look like the mice and termites got into them, but the next time we’re out there, they look pretty good again. Guess what folks, things just don’t grow back or fix themselves.


Dennie hard at work            


Sunday when a bunch of us arrived for the Winter Offhand Match, Dennie McNabb was over under the bench rest shelter rebuilding target frame support.  He had several supports that had been shot up, his saw and power screwdriver and he was patching and splicing things together.  When he finished, the 25 and 50 yard target frames had been repaired and are ready for the rest of the winter.


        Watch out for the land mines

Oh, by the way – did anyone notice the ‘land mines” and “gopher mounds” on the range?  Those are from the wandering horses that got into the range through the fence wire down by the pit area that kept getting turned back .  Thanks to Marty and John for taking the time to drive a bunch of steel posts across the opening to block out trespassers and stray horses.

A big Thank You to folks who take the time to keep things working for all the rest of us!

Winter Offhand Match – Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Eleven of the twelve shooters come to the line. There’s always one guy …..

                                   The Enfield Brigade

I’ll give you a hint – those are not frost heaves or gopher mounds out on the range.

February 17th dawned as promised; about 30-degrees, cloudy and gray with a prediction of anywhere from 60 to 100% probability of snow depending on the weather guru you consulted.  But, an even dozen shooters came out for the Winter Offhand Match.  It’s nice to have a full line!

It turned out not to be a bad day to shoot.  There were some icy patches that made footing a bit tricky in places, but nothing like the ice rink conditions of Thursday! The wind was from almost due east and the building provided a very nice wind break for all but the four low-end positions. At 26-degrees, fingers got cold, but manageable.  We had a full relay well before 1:00 so we started shooting about 12:45.

At the end of the day, the top three places looked like this:

Mike King        379  – 6X

Jeff Beierke     374 –  6X

Mark Walters   369 –  2X

The high string of the day was shot by Gary Mabis in the first relay; 194 – 1X.

After four matches, the aggregate standing leaders are:

Jeff Beierke     1351 – 14X

Steve Kage      1255 –  7X

Kris Hartwig    1239 –  3X

The last Winter Offhand Match is Sunday, March 10th.  The season champion will be determined by the best three scores out of the five matches.

And, we finished up by about 1:30 and everyone had time to get home and watch the Daytona 500 Demolition Derby.

High Power Clinic – Saturday, March 31 with Garand Match to follow  Experienced shooters are needed to help new shooters with the Match.  Helpers shoot FREE.


AWhhhh … Horse Pucky!

We have been notified that there is a lot of fresh horse pucky on the range again.  Again we have talked to the owner of the offending beasts about keeping his critters fenced up.

But, the real part of the problem is the breached fence just at the parking area by the high power pits.  Several years ago that fence was cut by someone who used the range as a 4-wheeler park.  We mended the fence, but it was breached again earlier in the fall and we got our first dose of horse pucky then.

Then, a week or so ago – another breach and more pucky.  We rolled the fence back and tied it, hoping to wait for warm weather, but, no luck.  We found it rolled back again this morning after folks told us about new deposits.  Once again the fence is tied back into place, but as can be seen from the pictures it isn’t horses that are opening the hole in the fence.  It is being rolled back and, although we are not expert trackers, there appear to be ATV tire prints near the road.










We are going to do a much more permanent repair in the next couple of days using some barbed wire we have in the Wiedeman building.

In the meantime, please be aware that there may be critters (four legged) loose on the range that may appear out of the brushy areas very unexpectedly.  And, keep an eye out for two-legged critters on 4-wheeled vehicles.  If you see any of the last kind – avoid confrontations, but get as much information about the critters and the vehicle as you can so we can investigate and notify me @ fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.



High Power Clinic Program


Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Range Address – 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN

For Clinic information, Contact FWRR High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com

The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club, in conjunction with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will present a High Power Rifle Clinic for new shooters and as an outreach program to Junior shooters (16 years or older) at our local range off Indiana Highway 37, north of Harlan, Indiana.

WHEN/ WHERE:  March 30, 2019.   Registration opens at 7:30.  Class begins at 8:00 AM until approximately 3:00 PM.  There is a lunch break after classroom instruction, but no lunch available on site – bring a sack lunch. Early registration is requested and recommended. Clinic is held at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club range located at  15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN  46743

WHAT:  Classroom:  Approximately 3 hours of classroom instruction on safety, handling, aiming, ballistics, positioning and shooting M1 Garand and AR-15 type rifles. Instruction will be provided by CMP Certified Master Instructors.

LIVE FIRE:  Participants will compete in a 35-round John C. Garand Match to reinforce classroom instruction.

WHO: The Clinic is open to citizens of good character and good mental focus.  Priority will be given to Junior Shooters (age 16 to 20 years).  The Clinic is limited to 25 shooters.

HOW:  Contact the Ft. Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.  Participants must complete a CMP and FWRR Release of Liability.  Participants under 18 years of age must have Liability Release signed by parent or guardian.  For safety reasons, participants must be able to safely hold a 10-pound rifle in the Offhand shooting position.

COST:  $25.00.  Cost includes classroom instruction, student guide handout materials and certificate of participation which will qualify participant to purchase an M1 Garand from the CMP.  Participants will receive reduced Match fees for 2019 FWRR Matches.  M1 and AR-15 rifles are available for loan and ammunition (.30-06 and 5.56 mm) can be purchased for participant use.  Discuss these requirements prior to Clinic date