Electronic Targets Coming to the FWRR Range in 2020

At the August meeting of the Club, it was decided that we would buy a set of electronic targets for use on the High Power 200 and 300 yard range for our High Power matches.  These targets will also be used on the 100 yard range for informal open shooting sessions.

The targets will be ready for use in the 2020 High Power season and prior to that time we will have several “Beta Test” shooting sessions to help us work out the bugs and to help us learn how to operate the system.

Evaluations of different vendors are being made and a decision will be brought to the Executive Board once the selection Committee has finished their evaluation.

Mike Gingher M-1A Match; 17 August 2019

The Mike Gingher Memorial M-1A Match was shot on Saturday, 17 August.  Six shooters came to the line , and we did something new and different for us, we scored this match in the pits, making it a two relay, one pit change match.  The first shot went down range at 9:00 and we called the last Cease Fire at 11:16, a record for a short, sweet match.  We were able to get off the line before the heat and humidity from the couple of light sprinkles set in for the afternoon.

 In the wooden gun class, the top three were: 

Mark Walters               444 –  6X

Jeff Beierke                 412 – 2X (With a six-digit Springfield Garand!)

Mike Toscos 346-3X 

 Jess Jessup took the plastic gun class with a ‘scoped AR: 

Jess Jessup                443 – 4X 

I would like to thank the winners who donated their prize money to the electronic target fund and again to Glenna and Mike Grannis for their help in running the numbers and figuring out how to hand out prize money. The next match will be September 14th, the CMP Games Match.  We will shoot this match from 200-yards in the CMP Games format and we have a category for just about any rifle you care to bring – Antique Military to Modern Sporter.