Electronic Target Progress

Progress on Electronic Targets

The electronic target project is moving forward fairly well.

Our target hardware has been ordered and we had planned to pick up the equipment at the State Championship at Atterbury last weekend, but Silver Mountain – the target vendor – found an issue with an upgrade.  The issue did cause some delay in the State Tournament and Dave Schnelle, the US representative for Silver Mountain decided that the upgrade that he had incorporated in our equipment was not quite ready for prime time.  There is testing going on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and we will go pick up our equipment when the upgrade has been thoroughly checked out.

Meanwhile, we have been developing the frame that will hold the target face and the electronics.  The frame has to be rigid for accuracy, it has to fit into our existing target carriers and it has to be of a size that we can store in the target shed.  Oh yes, it has to be as light as possible, make the best use of material and be easy to duplicate.  A typical engineering problem.

The first version didn’t make the cut for rigidity – it was taken apart and reused to make the second version.  Version Two looked pretty good, so I took it out to the range and did fit checks with the target carrier and the target shed.  It fits both places – no problems.

We have a set of sensor mounts coming to let us move forward with locating them on the frame, and we are ordering the Coroplast plastic sheeting for the actual target base and the target face material. (Of course it takes one thickness for the target base and another for the locating matrix and the actual target face.)  If all goes well, we will have everything come together about the same time and we can start checking out how to run the system.  I plan to have several evening sessions at the range to teach folks how to run the shooter and scorer interfaces on their SmartPhones, Tablets, IPads or whatever so we don’t have to learn the system at the same time we’re trying to shoot a match.

Update; 28 October

I’ve built the third version of a frame that solves a couple of issues with the second version. It is lighter, and it has more open space for target face indexing mounts. This one looks pretty good.

Target Frame with positioning brackets

And, with a target face holder in place

Then, to top things off, Mark Richard delivered the Silver Mountain Target hardware. Everything was in the boxes like we had ordered and now I’m trying to figure out how to run the software as a User, Admin and Ranger Officer.

Christmas in October!

I’m trying to get out to the range to check out how to mount the SOLO target unit, the antenna and how to run the cables around the frame to keep them as far from harm’s way as I can. Then, we calibrate the target face in the frame and we see how it works!

Mike King Wins State Championship!

Sue Mogle
Presents Mike King With State Champion Award

Topping off a summer in which he achieved Distinguished Rifleman status, Mike King closed out the competition season in Indiana by winning the Dan Ireland Trophy at the ISRPA State Championship 600-Yard Match at Camp Atterbury last Saturday with a 781-30X score.  Since he won the match, he was also recognized as 1st High Master.  A good friend of the club, Mark Richard, took 2nd High Master with a 767-24X and Mark Walters claimed 3rd Master with 773-14X.  Geoff Branson scored 745-21X in the Master class as well.

Mark Richard with State Champion Aggregate Trophy

For 2019, Mark Richard won the State Aggregate Championship with a 2323-70 (2400 possible) aggregate across the three matches.  Again, congratulations to Mark on perseverance and good shooting!  Two good friends of the club also made impressive showings in the three match aggregate; Dave Schnelle posted a close 2313-63X and Bob Working claimed 2290 -61X.

The ISRPA High Power championship series consists of three State Championship Matches; 100 yard reduced, 200/300/600 reduced and the 600 yard across the course match.  The competitor with the high aggregate across those three championship matches is declared the State Aggregate Champion.

John Garand/CMP Games Match Results; September 14, 2019

Once again the weather man gave us an absolutely gorgeous day for a rifle match on Saturday, September 14th for the CMP Games/John Garand Match.  The temperature was about 65 degrees when we started at 8:57 and at 11:47 when the last Cease Fire was called; it was about 75-degrees.  The light was fantastic and there were no shadows on any target face during the match.  What wind there was came in from the west at 12 o’clock and probably had zero value for most of the match.

Eighteen shooters came to the line, a good crowd considering the other shooting events happening across the state.

Medalists were:


Jeff Beierke                 M1 Garand                 282-6X


Mike King                    1903A3 Springfield     270-5X

Aaron Kohler              Modern Military         282-1X


Randy Jahn                 M1 Garand                 261-1X

Jess Jessup                  M1 Garand                 266-4X

Doug Johnson             M1 Garand                 262-1X

Jerry Johnson             M1Garand                  268-5X

High Slow Prone         Aaron Kohler              100-0X       (Just try shooting a clean with zero X!)

High Rapid Prone       Aaron Kohler                97-1X

High Offhand              Mike King                      93-3X

Out next match is the Leonard Johnson Memorial Team Match, Saturday September 28th.

John Garand /CMP Games Match; Saturday, 14 September


John C. Garand/CMP Games Match

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club Range

15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN

Google FWRRCLUB.Org for directions

Contact FWRRHPDirector@aol.com for additional information

CMP Games Matches

Garand, Springfield, Vintage Rifle and Modern Military Matches

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Range Address – 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN

For Match Information, Contact FWRR High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com

WHEN/ WHERE:  September 14th, 2019.   Matches are held at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club range located at  15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN  46743.  GOOGLE Maps and GOOGLE earth show the range and local roads.

Competition Open to:  Any person not prohibited by law from owning or using a firearm.   Competitors need not be a member of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club.  All competitors must execute a notarized “Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement” for the CMP. 

COST:  FWRR Non-members; $20.00.  FWRR Members, $15.00

Schedule:  Registration opens at 7:30.  Registration closes at 8:30.  Pits seal at 8:45.  First shot at 9:00

Rules:  Match will be conducted in accordance with the 2019 CMP Games Rules

Courses of Fire:  Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military/Military Bolt, Modern Military and M1 Carbine will fire the John C. Garand Course A; (30-rounds for record, up to 5 sighters).

Awards:  CMP awards will be mailed to qualifying shooters.

Miscellaneous:  No food or drinks available at range.  No tracer or incendiary ammunition allowed.  5.56  and .30-06 Ammunition is available for purchase at the match. 

AR-15, M-1 Garand and Springfield 1903A3 rifles are available for shooters desiring to borrow a rifle for this match.

Shooters must make these requests prior to match!