Mid-Range Tournament; October 12, 2019

The Wailing Wall – Still Better Than A Spreadsheet!

The formal 2019 High Power Season closed on Saturday, October 12th with the Mid-Range Tournament.  The tournament consisted of three 60-shot matches which could be shot with any rifle (Service or Match) but at least one Match had to be shot with iron sights.

As suited a day in early fall it was a brisk morning, about 35-degrees at the match start and it only warmed up to 45-degrees as the day went on.  The light 7 MPH wind from the SW built up  through the day and by the last Cease Fire at 1:30, it had wound up to a 13 MPH wind with gusts to about 25 MPH.  But – it didn’t rain and we can claim that for 2019 we did not have a single High Power Match rained out.

Eleven shooters made up the group of participants.  Mark Walters won Match 1, an ANY/ANY Match, with a 200-7X clean but Dan Weigel took the other two matches with an ANY/ANY 198-7X and an ANY/IRON 197-5X.

Overall Match results were:

First:                Dan Weigel                 594-22X

Second:   Mark Walters             590-18X

Third:              Don Link                      570-12X

Thanks to all who came out for the Match and Thanks to the folks who made it happen while I was out of town.

Our next Match will be a 40-round Winter Offhand Match on the second Saturday in November, November 9th at 9:00 A. M.  Note the day and time– a change from our 1:00 P. M. Sunday format we have kept for a long time.           

Leonard Johnson Memorial Match Results

On Saturday 28 September we held the Leonard Johnson Memorial Match.  Eight shooters in four teams participated on a day that threatened, but never delivered, rain.  More importantly, there was no wind for most of the day – an important fact when you consider that shooting .22 rimfire at 200 yards can be like shooting .30 caliber at 1000 yards if there is any wind to speak of.

The Match Winners were the team of Larry Howell and Jim Jackson with a team aggregate of 772-20X.  The .22 caliber rimfire winners were the team of Jerry and Doug Johnson with a 386-10X.  They also won the Service Rifle 300 yard stage with a 381-8X.  Mark Walters and Jim Schieltz were the Match Rifle 300 yard winners with a blistering 392-15X.

200 Yard Prone the Hard Way; .22 Rimfire!

The Wailing Wall Tells It All ...