John Garand/CMP Games Match Results; September 14, 2019

Once again the weather man gave us an absolutely gorgeous day for a rifle match on Saturday, September 14th for the CMP Games/John Garand Match.  The temperature was about 65 degrees when we started at 8:57 and at 11:47 when the last Cease Fire was called; it was about 75-degrees.  The light was fantastic and there were no shadows on any target face during the match.  What wind there was came in from the west at 12 o’clock and probably had zero value for most of the match.

Eighteen shooters came to the line, a good crowd considering the other shooting events happening across the state.

Medalists were:


Jeff Beierke                 M1 Garand                 282-6X


Mike King                    1903A3 Springfield     270-5X

Aaron Kohler              Modern Military         282-1X


Randy Jahn                 M1 Garand                 261-1X

Jess Jessup                  M1 Garand                 266-4X

Doug Johnson             M1 Garand                 262-1X

Jerry Johnson             M1Garand                  268-5X

High Slow Prone         Aaron Kohler              100-0X       (Just try shooting a clean with zero X!)

High Rapid Prone       Aaron Kohler                97-1X

High Offhand              Mike King                      93-3X

Out next match is the Leonard Johnson Memorial Team Match, Saturday September 28th.