John Garand /CMP Games Match; Saturday, 14 September


John C. Garand/CMP Games Match

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club Range

15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN

Google FWRRCLUB.Org for directions

Contact for additional information

CMP Games Matches

Garand, Springfield, Vintage Rifle and Modern Military Matches

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Range Address – 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN

For Match Information, Contact FWRR High Power Director at

WHEN/ WHERE:  September 14th, 2019.   Matches are held at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club range located at  15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN  46743.  GOOGLE Maps and GOOGLE earth show the range and local roads.

Competition Open to:  Any person not prohibited by law from owning or using a firearm.   Competitors need not be a member of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club.  All competitors must execute a notarized “Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement” for the CMP. 

COST:  FWRR Non-members; $20.00.  FWRR Members, $15.00

Schedule:  Registration opens at 7:30.  Registration closes at 8:30.  Pits seal at 8:45.  First shot at 9:00

Rules:  Match will be conducted in accordance with the 2019 CMP Games Rules

Courses of Fire:  Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military/Military Bolt, Modern Military and M1 Carbine will fire the John C. Garand Course A; (30-rounds for record, up to 5 sighters).

Awards:  CMP awards will be mailed to qualifying shooters.

Miscellaneous:  No food or drinks available at range.  No tracer or incendiary ammunition allowed.  5.56  and .30-06 Ammunition is available for purchase at the match. 

AR-15, M-1 Garand and Springfield 1903A3 rifles are available for shooters desiring to borrow a rifle for this match.

Shooters must make these requests prior to match!