FWRR COVID-19 POLICY – August 8 Match

24 July 2020

The recent announcement from Indiana Governor Holcomb requiring the wearing of face masks has resulted in several questions concerning masks and our next match on August 8th.

The applicable portion of the Governor’s announcement is:

“Face masks will be required in indoor public spaces, including commercial entities and transportation services, as well as outdoor public spaces where social distancing is not possible.”

The italics are mine.  Our rifle match is in an outdoor space where we are able to maintain a six-foot social distance at just about all times.  We have been observant of social distancing issues during all of our matches this year.  There some exceptions, such as during check-in when we need to be closer but as we have found at Thursday practices and previous matches, keeping six feet apart is not a difficult task.

I do not see this announcement as a requirement to wear a mask at all times.  But there are times when we need to be masked.  When we are setting up and putting away targets, we need masks.  We get closer than 6-feet working on the catwalk under the pit roof.

During check-in, Stat Office workers and shooters need to be masked while interacting.  Our shooting positions are more than 6-feet apart. With our eight target setup we are able to spread out a bit more on the line to gain a little more space.  A scorer is more than 6-feet from the shooter’s head; (I really don’t think a shooter’s feet are an infectious area.)

Other parts of the Governor’s announcement are:

Masks are not required to be worn:

  • While participating in strenuous physical activity
  • If you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask

High Power shooting is a strenuous activity.  Fogging of safety eyewear from a mask makes wearing a mask while shooting impractical.  If you have a medical condition that makes you unable to wear a mask – make sure that you are extra vigilant in keeping an extended social distance from other shooters.  A personal attitude that; “The Governor can’t tell me to wear a mask” is mental condition, not a qualifying medical condition.

I am not going to make wearing a mask at all times a requirement to participate in the August 8th match, but I am going to ask that participants do wear a mask at times and under conditions when it is appropriate

If you want to wear a mask most of the time, fine.

And, our usual precautions:

If, within the previous two weeks, you know you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or if you have tested positive for COVID-19 – STAY HOME!

If you have a fever, feel achy or just don’t feel well –STAY HOME!

If you have a cough, sore throat, if things just don’t taste right or if you are a little short of breath –STAY HOME!

And, of course, any and all of this could be changed by the next announcement from the Governor

Larry Beardsley

FWRR High Power Range Officer

800 Point Aggregate CMP Match Program: August 8, 2020

CMP 800-Point Aggregate High Power Match

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

WHEN/ WHERE: August 8th, 2020. Matches are held at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club range located at 15715 Rupert Road; Harlan, IN 46743. GOOGLE Maps and GOOGLE earth show the range and local roads.

Competition Open to: Any person not prohibited by law from owning or using a firearm. Competitors need not be a member of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club. All competitors must execute a notarized “Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement” for the CMP.

COST: FWRR Non-members; $25.00; FWRR Members, $20.00. The match will be shot on Silver Mountain electronic targets. Shooters will need a Smart Phone, IPad or similar tablet to use as a display.

Schedule: Registration opens at 6:30. Registration closes at 7:30. Pits seal at 7:45. First shot at 8:00

Rules: Match will be conducted in accordance with the 2020 High Power Competition Rules, CMP Cup Match Events using either Service or Match rifles.  See Rule 5.5 and Table 5 for details.  Competitors are expected to be familiar with these rules.

Awards: Cash awards based on 33% of entry fees

Miscellaneous: No food or drinks available at range.   No tracer or incendiary ammunition allowed.

For Additional Match Information: Contact FWRR High Power Director at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com

FWRR Dominates Governor’s Cup Match

Governor’s Cup Match 18 July 2020; Camp Atterbury, IN

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club shooters did very well for themselves and gave the Club reason to be proud of them in the Governor’s Cup Match at Camp Atterbury on Saturday.

Mike King, the reigning State High Power Champion, won the Gold Award with a score of 778-36X. 

But, hot on his heels in second place, capturing the Silver Award only one point behind,  was FWRR’s Mark Walters with a 777-24X.

Then, only slightly off the pace in 4th Place overall with a 768-13X was Mark Richard who took First High Master.

And, to finish out the FWRR domination of the match, Jeff Branson was ninth overall and took First Master award.

Congratulations to all of the guys and “Attaboys” for making us proud!

CMP Home Range Appreciation Match; 11 July 2020

The week following the Independence Day weekend was brutally hot, just the kind of weather where High Power shooters put on heavy coats and go out and lay in the sun with their rifles.  As the week went on, I had the feeling that even though there weren’t going to be National Matches at Camp Perry this year, the CMP had just sent us some Camp Perry weather to use at our local matches.

Relay 1 in the morning match

BUT – on Friday the oppressing heat and humidity broke and on Saturday morning for our CMP Home Range Appreciation Match we had a 69-degree morning.  For the morning match we had several cancellations and no-shows and we were able to shoot the morning session as a single relay match.  We had everyone there by 7:51 so we got started and were done by 9:40 – not bad for an 80-round match.

Three Distinguished Marksmen side-by-side in one relay!

The afternoon (really late morning) match started at 11:38 when the last two shooters came over from their earlier pistol match and we finished that session at 2:32.  The weather had warmed up a bit, but we had a nice breeze from the west that kept shooting conditions comfortable.  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated.

Joe Freiburger working hard

Mike King took high shooter of the day honors with a 781-20X in his afternoon session (he shot the morning match with a 780-26X, but he only gets to be the high shooter for the day one time).

 Jim Jackson had an excellent day as well, taking second place with a 770-27X including a clean 200-9X in Sitting Rapid at 200-yards.  Congratulations Jim! 

Geoff Branson closed out the top three this month with a 756-22X.

The Wailing Wall
Mike, we see the error in your PM Offhand score, but the total is correct

The match went very smoothly – in a large part because of the people working in places shooters never see.  Marty Didion and Chip Seidel gave some of the best Pit Management (aka Pit Sitting) that anyone could ask for.  As we went from the 200-yard line to the 300-yard line, those two guys had the target faces changed well before we ever got back to the 300-yard line.  We had a couple of uh-oh’s with the targets, but they resolved them in literally a couple of minutes and we never had a match interruption all day.

Mike and Glenna Grannis worked at the National Matches for many years and they are giving us NM class Stat Office support.  Glenna does registration and keeps me straight in regards to money. The money is always right!

Mike has discovered that if he sits on the porch of the new building, in the shade, his smart-phone will connect to the SMT Server, even when we are at the 200-yard line.  He can see what every shooter is doing, call up data from the server’s archives and he can enter scores into the scoring spreadsheet in almost real time.

Thank You to all of you folks who help with the “busy work” and let me pay attention to running the matches!

Our next match will be on the second Saturday of August; August 8th.  I will register it with the CMP as our second Home Range Appreciation Match – it is already an NRA Approved match.

Mowing Schedule; Summer 2020

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Rifle and Pistol Range Mowing Schedule

Summer – 2020

Wednesday, July 8                          Morning

Wednesday, July 22                       Afternoon

Wednesday, August 5                    Afternoon

Wednesday, August 19                  Morning

Wednesday, September 2            Morning

Wednesday, September 16                    Afternoon

Wednesday, September 30                    Morning

Wednesday, October 14               Afternoon

Wednesday, October 28               Morning

Exact times are not known, depending on weather conditions and other considerations. If you would like to help with mowing (you get to learn how to run a BIG mower) contact Marty Didion, the mowing coordinator, at martindidion4@gmail.com