There is no better image for a Garand Match. Randy is shooting and Jim captured a frame from a video.

The good times just keep rollin’!

Saturday, 12 September was the annual John C. Garand/CMP Games match – and our string of beautiful days for shooting continued.  The weather started out at about 60-degrees and cloudy bright but by the time that Relay 3 went to the line, it was mostly clear. The targets looked like black dots on white dominoes!

Winds were negligible, 3-7 MPH from the ENE, a 5 o’clock breeze that had no value.  We had 20 shooters sign up to shoot a total of 31 individual matches – almost four full relays!  The course of fire was the 5-sighter, 30 shot for record Garand Match Course A and we were able to shoot a relay in about 40 minutes on our Silver Mountain electronic targets.  Our first shot went downrange at 8:05 and we finished up Relay 4 at 11:28.  Thanks to all of the shooters for making it a very smooth match for the Range Officers to run.

The rifles were a classic Garand Match mix; twelve M1 and three Unlimited Garands, seven 1903 and 1903A3 Springfields, four M1917 Enfields , a Schmidt-Reubin Swiss straight pull and three AR-15 based modern military rifles.  Eleven of the 20 shooters chose to shoot two or more rifles with one shooter shooting four different rifles and taking medals with every one of the four.

Thirteen medals were earned for the day – I’m listing them in no special order:

Mark Walters             M1 Garand                             Gold                 286-2X

Mark Walters             M1 Carbine at 200-yards       Gold                277-6X

Aaron Kohler              Modern Military                     Gold                287-7X

Mark Walters             1903A3 Springfield                 Silver               276-4X

Mike King                   Unlimited Modern Military   Silver             292-12X

Jeff Beierke                 M1 Garand                             Silver                275-2X

Jeff Beierke                 M1917 Enfield                        Silver               275-3X

Mark Walters             Unlimited M1 Garand          Bronze            277-6X

Jerry Johnson             M1 Garand                             Bronze            264-1X

Doug Johnson             M1 Garand                             Bronze            262-4X

Carl Johnson               Unlimited Garand                  Bronze            273-5X

Josh Bonebrake          1903A3 Springfield                 Bronze            272-3X

Gary Mabis                 Modern Military                     Bronze            274-6X

Medals are on order from CMP – I will present them to winners when I see you, so come out to matches!

A statistical note; the CMP award scores are set to allow about 30% of shooters to earn medals.  Over 50% of the FWRR Garand Match/CMP Games shooters earned medals – so it shows that our shooters are well above the national average.  But, as the High Power Director it shows me that we need to bring new shooters into our group – we’re top heavy with really good shooters.

Our next club activity is Work Day on Saturday September 19th and then the Leonard Johnson Match on Saturday 26 September.    

See you then – and be careful.