FWRR Club Meeting

Assuming that the Allen County COVID 19 status is not Red, the next club meeting will be held on February 2nd.  Meeting Place:  New Haven Community Center.  Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. (The building must be vacated by 8:00 p.m.)  Venue Restrictions: No Alcohol or firearms on the premises.  Please try to attend as a quorum is required to conduct club business.  Attendees are asked to wear masks and to observe social distancing protocol. If the meeting must be canceled, a cancellation notice will be placed on the club’s website.

Agenda: Club election and standard meeting format.   Clean-up Day activities will be addressed under the heading New Business. Please feel free to bring up ideas for work that you would like to see accomplished or started on Clean-up Day.

Election Ballot

President: Jim Sweeney (present)

Vice President: Matt Hice (present, acting VP) and Dean Drews

Secretary:  Mike Miller (present)

Treasurer:  Marty Didion (present)

Director:  Jim Johnston, Gary Walker, and Tim Wunderlich

Program Manager:  Ryan Brammer (present)

Safety Officer:  Larry Beardsley (present)

Nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Thanks to Committee Head, John Halter, and the Range Officers (ROs) who assisted him with putting together the ballot.

Events Schedule

Ryan Brammer (Program Manager) is preparing the 2021 Events Schedule. When completed, the schedule will be posted on the club’s website and copies will be mailed to those persons who have elected to receive the newsletter via USPS.

2021 Dues

Dues must be received on or before March 31st to avoid a late fee or possible membership termination.  Dues received with postmark dates after March 1st  but before March 31st are subject to a $25.00 late fee.  After March 31st, delinquency will result in membership termination.  Terminated members must reapply for membership and pay the new-member initiation fee if they desire reinstatement.  If personal hardship prevents timely payment, contact a club officer who may arrange for dues to be waived or payment to be deferred.

Newsletter Editor

The club is still seeking a volunteer to serve as Newsletter Editor.  The editor is responsible for collecting inputs from club officers and ROs, preparing the newsletter, and distributing it via email or USPS (per member preference) two weeks prior to club meetings. Interested members may contact Marty Didion (martindidion4@gmail.com) to volunteer and/or to receive additional information.

Clean-up Day

Clean-up Day is tentatively scheduled for April 24th.  Refer to the 2021 Events Schedule for date confirmation. 

Foot Bridge

Through the efforts of Greg Peck, we have received steel trusses and bracing for a new foot bridge over the ditch on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the range.  Thanks go to Nucor (and Kian Dolsen of Nucor) for the donation of the trusses,  bracing, and assembly hardware.  The plan is to fabricate and begin installing the bridge on Clean-up Day, conditions permitting.

See the reverse side for more news.

Pistol Bay Work

Work to raise the height of the wing berms in the Pistol Bays by approximately four feet has been completed.  Thanks go to Matt Hice for coordinating the activity and to Ted Smeltzer and his son for helping with seeding and strawing.

Junior Program

After several attempts over the past 30 years or more to get youth involved in the shooting sports on an ongoing basis, it appears that Larry Beardsley may be succeeding in achieving that objective.  Larry has three juniors, who have parental support, interested in High Power competition.   Donations for the Junior Program were casually solicited from members over the last several months.  The response has been outstanding.  So far, over $2500.00 has been pledged.  The funds will be used to purchase two entry-grade rifles and optics, ammunition, components, and other essentials. Members interested making donations of funds , equipment, ammunition or ammunition components  may contact Larry Beardsley at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.  Larry wishes to thank members (too numerous to list) who have donated brass to the program.  Special thanks to new member Mark Richard for his donation of a large quantity of M193 LC ammunition.

Mowing Crew

Thanks go to the members who served on the mowing crew during the past year. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the mowing crew should contact Marty Didion (martindidion4@gmail.com) to be placed on the 2021 Mowing Schedule.  A mowing schedule will be posted on the club website sometime in March.  Typically, mowing is performed on Wednesdays. Dates may vary due to weather conditions and grass growth rates.

2020 New Members

The following individuals  became FWRR members in 2020:  Scott Davis, Anthony DiVita, Aaron Holdgreve, Patrick Jessup, Rick Jones, Mark Richard, Steve Vinson, and Austin Wunderlich.

Caution Note

Be aware of the slip/fall hazard posed by icy conditions at the range.  Known icy spots include the slope at the north end of the building on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the range and the concrete at the north end of the 100/200 yard covered firing line.

Sale Items

M1A for Sale:  Gingher-built rifle.  All USGI parts.  Match sights. Single-lugged receiver. Douglas barrel.  Laminated, glass-bedded stock.  Very good price.  Contact Tom Easley at gunner@artelco.net or (419) 393-4206.

Brass for Sale:  Lake City, 5.56/.223 brass, mixed dates, believed to be once fired, $50.00/1000. Contact Darrell Fish at dwtroll@yahoo.com or (260) 615-1046.