A Blast from the Past

I had a nice note from Tim Momper, a long time High Power shooter and member.

”  I was going through some photos and found this one that was taken on 7/18/10. I had arrived early on that beautiful summer morning, setting targets, getting ready to shoot. I started hearing a “whooshing” noise coming from the far SW corner of the range. It grew louder with time, then I saw it. The balloon was slowly losing altitude. At the point where it is in the picture I was communicating with the pilot. As he passed by he indicated that all was well, and his chase vehicle was just north of our position. He moved past me, slowly getting closer to the earth. I heard no emergency vehicle sirens, and assumed all was well. I thought this would make a nice story and picture in the news letter. “

Balloon Fly-Over, July 18, 2010

Thanks Tim!