Winter Offhand Match – February 12, 2022

Saturday, February 12, was a real Winter Match.  We had 12 hardy shooters, 1 full  relay.

It was cold when the match started and didn’t improve any as the day went on; 22 degrees when we started, and 19 when we finished.  There was light snow, and the wind blowing it around a little bit made for even more wintry conditions.  The driveways were very icy.  Aaron Kohler got stuck, but Gary Mabis got in his truck and pulled him straight out with little difficulty.

However, the cold weather didn’t keep the shooters from posting some pretty impressive scores. 

Mike King took top honors with 385-7X.  In a close duel for the second and third spots, Mark Richard Creedmoored Mike Habel.  Both had 363’s, but Mark registered  7X’s to Mike’s 3X’s.  (Mike Habel, the bionic man, with his new and improved body parts and his ‘scoped rifle has become a force to be dealt with.)

Season Aggregates:

Mike King                    1155-24X

Mark Richard              1112-18X

Mark Walters              1105-12X

The top Junior is Marshall Rohrbach with an aggregate of 1084-11X, followed by Kileen Shaffer with a 939-2X. 

Thanks to Mark Walters for running the match.

The final 100 yard match for this season will be Saturday, March 12th.  Hopefully it won’t be as cold – but this is Indiana after all….

Lima Sabers Schedule

The Lima Sabers are a co-operating club and their members can shoot at FWRR for our own member rates. FWRR members can shoot at Lima for their member rates.

We have minimal schedule conflicts, so I have no issue with publicizing their schedule. Feel free to go over and shoot with these guys – they’re a great bunch of people and they usually have a lunch after a match – a really great lunch!

Lima Sabres Shooting Association

2022 High Power Rifle Matches

Range located at 5090 East Hanthorn Road, Lima, Ohio, 45806.

Matches are NRA “Approved”. Course of fire will be an 80-shot Regional Course, per NRA High Power rule 7.15. The slow-fire prone stage will be fired at 300 yards on the MR-63 target.

Registration begins at 8:00 AM and shooting starts at 9:00 AM.

For more information, go to the Lima Sabers website:

2022 Dates:

April 2  

June 4     

 July 2

August No Match – See you at the Nationals

Contact info: Jim Schieltz:    567-204-5748;


Joe Bakies:    419-234-3750

The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association Reduced Course State Championship

In addition to the Lima Sabres matches listed above, Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association will hold a Reduced Course State Championship.

The match will take place on May 7th at the Lima Sabres Shooting Association.  Awards will be given out to the top three shooters in Any/Match Rifle and Service Rifle classes.

The Reduced Course Championship at Lima SABRES will take place as an NRA 80 COF, 2 sighting shots will be allowed per position. As such, the COF will be 20 shots Standing, 20 shots Rapid Sitting, 20 shots Rapid Prone, and 20 shots Slow Prone.

The number of competitors will be capped at 54, allowing for 6 relays of 9 shooters. This will allow for an extra target to be open in case target issues arise.

The price for the match will be $20 for ORPA members, $30 for non-members. Lima SABRES will take $10 per entry fee, the rest will go to the ORPA High Power program. This program funds the official Ohio Service Rifle Team, and provides for awards at state championship matches.

There will be sign up forms for ORPA membership present at the event, and preregistration will be open online prior to the match.

Contact Tim Plowman for more information: 419-806-9045

ACPDL Change of Venue

ACPDL has decided to have our January & February matches at Midwest Shooting Center. The space there does not allow for as much variety and options – but it is warm and snow-free!

So, we are starting this with our February match this year. (BTW, We postponed our January match because of the temperature. We’ll be doing a double match at FWRR to make it up.)