As Winter Offhand days go – it wasn’t that bad of a day.  At 33 degrees, it wasn’t precipitating anything, the wind wasn’t bringing tears to eyes or numbing fingers – it was just Indiana grade December dark and gloomy!

Nine shooters came out, but two retired because of back issues with seven shooters finishing up the day. As one of the “retirees” commented; “It’s heck getting old!”

The top three scores for the day were:

Mike King            390 – 8X

Doc Habel           382 – 7X

Mia King              364 – 8X

For the Winter Offhand season, to date – standings are:

Mike King            775 – 17X

Mark Walters     716 –   5X

Mia King              710 – 12X

Miss Mia, recently voted into membership as the first Junior (a girl even) member of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club, came in third for the day and currently stands in third place for the season aggregate.

But, the high point of the day came from Tayt, our most junior of Junior shooters.  I’m starting him off by having him shoot off bags to let him learn sight picture, trigger control and to learn the mechanics of running the AR platform.  For the first stage I stressed to him that just where the group landed wasn’t all that critical, the important thing was to get them all in the same area.

As the shooters brought targets back from the first string, Tayt was waving his target and hollering; “I hit the target, I hit the target!”  Indeed he had hit the target with a group about the size of my hand up at 12- o’clock right at the edge of the 5-ring.  He scored a rip-roaring 32-0X on that string, but indeed – he had hit the target.

This is my payoff for working with the Juniors. I never saw anyone so happy with a 32-0X string of fire.

We made an elevation change on his scope (down 10-minutes) and on the next string he shot a considerably improved score; 190 -3X.  Nineteen of his twenty shots were in the black with one mid-ring 8.  I think we’re making progress.

Totaling up the second string – 19 of 20 solidly in the black .. 190-3X!

Today’s match closed out the year for formal High Power activities.  I want to thank everyone for all of their support and I look forward to having a good High Power year in 2023.