February 5 Meeting Minutes

FWRR Newsletter

March & April 2019


Minutes February 5, 2019 Meeting

  •  Meeting held at Trion tavern called to order @ 7:30 BY Mark Strahan, V.P.
  • Pledge of allegiance recited ( no  flag present).
  • 23 members in attendance….inadequate for a quorum
  • Dec meeting minutes read by secretary   Mike Miller
  •             Motion to accept and seconded. Motion passed.
  • Treasurers report given by Marty Didion
  •           Motion to accept and seconded. Motion passed.
  • Discipline reports:
  • H.P.  Larry  Beardsley   Winter offhand matches proceeding..CMP Club registration is complete.   CMP HP Clinic is March 30.  Thursday HP practice will start in early May.  Bank balance $516
  • Black powder: Dennis McNabb.. Started in March..averaged 7- 9 competitors.  NMLRA matches held in June and September
  • U.S.P.A. :    Ryan Brammer submitted verbal report
  • A.C.P.D.L.  : Susan Renner submitted verbal report.
  •  New Member…No action due to lack of quorum.
  • Ryan Brammer  discussed available openings on USPA.
  • Motion to adjourn/ seconded/ Passed/ meeting adjourned
  • Dues Reminder
  • Dues received after March 1st are subject to a $25.00 late fee.
  • Members whose dues are not received by April 30th are dropped from the membership roll and must reapply for membership.
  • Thank You
  • Many thanks to those who have made donations.  Special thanks go to Life Members who continue to support the Club monetarily.  The Membership spends  a significant amount for insurance, taxes (property, federal and state), property maintenance, utilities,  postage, and other miscellaneous expenses. These expenses amounted to about $50.00 per member last year.
  • For Sale
  • Ed Brown, 5-inch, M1911, Drop-in, the Match Barrel and Bushing.   Never installed. The barrel is stainless steel and has cut rifling.  $125.00.   Call Marty at 260.633.0172.


6mm/22-250 long range rifle with loaded ammo, cases and dies for sale.  Contact Tim Momper at 260-437-1284 or         info@M1buddy.com

  • Our Condolences
  • Member Mike Halter passed away in early February.  Mike is member John Halter’s older brother.
  • Meeting Reminder
  • The next meeting will be at 7:30 Tuesday April 2nd





November – December Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 6


News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 6/November-December, 2018


From the President’s Desk

Hello Members

It’s the end of another year and time to turn in schedules if not done yet, also end of the year cash sheets and monies turned in. There was a break-in of the target shed at 300 yd. pits (nothing was missing).  Keep your eyes open when at the range. Thanks to Mike  Grannis and Larry Beardsley for the repair of the door. Election of officers at the December’s meeting. Again I would like to thank all involved in cutting the grass and keeping the range looking good. Also thanks to Marty Didion for keeping gasoline in the mowers. A big thanks to John Halter his always being there to help.

Thanks for being safe all year…Good Shooting Have Fun Be Safe…Jim Sweeney


Sympathy:  Our club extends sympathy to the family of Joe Frieburger (October, 2018) whose father died in early October.


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…to Larry Beardsley, Mike and Glenna Grannis, who worked on repairs in the pits following a bit of vandalism and on the heater in the yellow building and to Larry Beardsley for setting up the first aid corner in the yellow building.


First Aid Box:  A First Aid Box has been placed in the yellow building, on a table over by the heater so things in it won’t freeze and bust.

There is a “Boo-Boo Bag” in the box with Band-Aids and alcohol wipes for little hurts, a lot of pads and gauze along with water to clean things and a bottle of saline solution for eye wash in case someone gets a face full of dirt and needs an eye washout.

Please don’t open the plastic kits just to explore what is in there – but if you need more than what is loose in the box – go for it!

There is also a note in the box with quick “What-To-Do” notes if serious medical help is needed.

This kit should stay out where it can be accessed by our members if they need it.

Sez the Ancient Mariner:  “For the last three-thousand years, safety at sea has been based on taking a lot of unnecessary precautions”

Let’s hope we never need any of this stuff.


Question and Answer:

  1. In the popular .45 ACP handgun cartridge, what does ACP stand for?
  2. Ammunition Custom Products
    b.  American Colt Pistol
    c.  Automatic Colt Pistol
    d.  None of the above
  1. Answer: c, Automatic Colt Pistol

Taken from September, 2018 NRA Shooting Sports Insider Newsletter


Range Orientation (Part 16)

  1. The raised mound that is 50 yards in front of the 100/200-yard Covered Firing Point is not an impact bunker.
  2. The grassy area at the north end of the 100/200-yard Covered Firing Line may be used for 200-yard position shooting of targets posted on the four-foot-tall target frame.  Firing from sitting or prone positions at targets posted on the 2’ X 2’ target frame at 200 yards is not allowed because of the increased risk of a projectile leaving the range due to a high takeoff angle.
  3. The bench between the 100/200-yard and 300-yard Firing Lines may be used to fire at targets posted on the 4-foot target frames at 200 yards and at Targets 1 through 6 on the 300-yard Target Line.


High Power

The 2018 formal High Power season ended on October 13 with the Mid-Range match.  We had a very nice early fall day for the match – a pleasant change from the wet, rainy and cloudy days we have had on many match days this summer.

Nine shooters came out.  Awards were as follows:

Tournament Winner**     Norb Norden       592-21X     $ 8

Second                           Mark Walters       589-30X       $ 5

Third                               Ron Dague          576-23X       $ 3

High Iron Sight Score     Norb Norden       199-8X       $ 10

High Match 1                  Ron Dague          198-13X       $   3

High Match 2                  Mark Walters       199-14X       $   3

Incidentally, Norb shot all three matches with iron sights.  Who says you’ve got to shot a ‘scope to win….?

We start Winter Offhand Matches on the third Sunday of November (November 18th) at 1:00 P. M.  There will be a season long tournament with cash awards at the end of the season.  We will shoot the familiar format, 2 strings of 20-rounds each for a total of 40- rounds at 100 yards from the covered firing points at the new building.

I have posted a proposed 2019 Match schedule on the FWRR website.  It is similar to what we have done in the past, but I have deleted the Team Match.  That match seemed like a good idea, but it never actually generated enough participation to justify the effort for an odd-Saturday Match.  Formal Thursday practices were a high point of the season and I plan on continuing them for the coming year.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please get them to me and I will look at them.

Thanks to everyone and let’s hope for better weather next year.




ACPDL has had great turnouts for our September and October matches.  We have 2 more matches for the year, November and December, as long as the weather cooperates.  Terry Thoma had a nice turnout for October’s Thursday night practice.

Susan Renner, ACPDL President



FREE:  French MAS-36 carbine, badly sporterized.  Probably only surrendered once in the summer of 1940.  fwrrhpdirector@aol.com



Treasurer’s report, Secretary’s minutes, and match reports were presented.

Terry Thomas wants the body to know that the Action Pistol practices are open to anyone interested in the sport.

$50 will be sent to the NRA in memory of Rick Stoner who passed away in August.

The Election Committee needs members to run for Club officers and to serve on the committee.


Greetings Fellow Member

We will be conducting our election for officers during the December meeting at Trion Tavern. All members in good standing are invited to participate and support our officers. If you would like to run for an officer or director position please e-mail John Halter before the end of November 2018( jshalter1949@gmail.com) and the member’s name will be placed on the ballot.  Thank you, John Halter


2019 Dues

It’s that time of the year!  Dues are due for 2019.  Remember that “Dues must be received on or before March 1, 2019 to avoid late fees or termination of membership.”


“We all are owners of the club—let’s take as good of care of the range as we do our homes.”

Quote from range orientation. 

Please police your brass and trash

Take the time to be sure that both doors on the yellow building are locked! 


                                                        FWRR November-December, 2018 Schedule



04—Black Powder—9:00A





02—Black Powder—9:00A

04—Tuesday Meeting—Trion— 7:30P#####






September – October Newsletter


News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 5/September-October, 2018


From the President’s Desk

Hello Members

Fall is almost here, the grass cutting is coming to an end. I would like to thank all that helped in the mowing and trimming. We had a day at the range for X-Count to come out to shoot in the wind. They had a great turnout and great scores. All disciplines need to turn in their 2019 schedule at the October meeting or sooner.  Thank you in advance.

Have fun. BE SAFE…Jim Sweeney FWRR President


X-Count’s Day at the Range:  On July 24, Chris Butler, FWRR member and X-Count assistant coach, brought a group of 19 young shooters who were attending the Elite Collegiate Style Rifle Clinic out to the range to get experience in reading the wind.  The participants were from Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and Indiana.  Collegiate coaches from Nebraska and North Georgia, as well as coaches from Pennsylvania and Georgia were working with the youngsters one-on-one.  A Performance Consultant and an Advanced Coach candidate were also present with the group.  It was amazing to see the concentration and dedication of all present, adolescent and adult.


Sympathy:  Our club extends sympathy to the family and friends of Richard (Ric) Stoner (2010) who passed away on August 31, 2018, and to Carl Johnson whose father passed away on September 4th.


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…to the mowing brigade.

Thanks…to Jim Sweeney, Mike and Glenna Grannis, Steve Flohr, and Mike Habel who were FWRR Club observers for the X-Count Day at the Range

Thanks…to John Schimmoller for turning in a scope found at the range.

Thanks…to Rick Sorg and other members for notifying the club about Richard Stoner’s death.


Question:  Exactly what is a carbine?

Many times, we hear a word so often that we do not know exactly what it means.  Carbine is one such word.  Wikipedia gives this definition: A carbine (/ˈkɑːrbiːn/ or /ˈkɑːrbaɪn/),[1] from French carabine,[2] is a long gun firearm but with a shorter barrel than a rifle or musket.[3] Many carbines are shortened versions of full-length rifles, shooting the same ammunition, while others fire lower-powered ammunition, including types designed for pistols

If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com


Range Orientation (Part 15)

  1. Wooden shooting stools are provided in two heights.
  2. The building at the 100-yard firing line may be heated. To operate the heater, ensure the power ON/OFF switch (located on a ceiling joist in front of heater) is ON, and then press the push button switch on the wall behind the heater.  The heater is on a twenty-minute timer.
  3. The six benches at the north end of the 100/200 yard covered firing line are to be used only for 200-yard practice.


ACPDL:   ACPDL has been having great turnouts for our league matches.   And the weather has been cooperative so far.   We have had at least one observer each month, and many of them are becoming new members and a vital asset to our league.  Susan Renner,  ACPDL President

High Power:  High Power News September 2018

Well, in August we managed to bat .500.  On August 11 we had a nice, sunny day to shoot the Mike Gingher M1A Match.  Six shooters came to the line and at the end of the day, Mark Walters took top honors with a 444-3X score.

Then, there was the Leonard Johnson Match scheduled for August 21.  Rain.  Steady Rain.  Lightning and thunder to add variety.  We have rescheduled the Leonard Johnson Match for September 23rd; we’ll try again.

By the time this Newsletter goes out, we will have either shot or had rained out the CMP Games Match on Saturday, 8 September.  As I write this, there is a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms, so we will see.

As we move into October, we will shoot the Mid-Range Tournament on October 13th.  This tournament consists of three 20-shot matches, shot prone at 300 yards on the MR-63 reduced target.  Two matches will be any-sight matches; one match is iron sights.  Competitors will choose which match to shoot which sight.

And, until we decide no one wants to continue, we will still practice on Thursday afternoons.

Larry Beardsley, High Power Director



Treasurer’s report, Secretary’s minutes, and discipline reports were presented.

Since there was not a quorum, there was no business discussion.

Diane Rice brought some of her teen shooters to express their thanks for allowing them to practice reading the wind at our range.  Diane and Greg Rice, along with FWRR member Chris Butler explained the program at X-Count in great detail.


For Sale: Centra rear sight, new (never installed) $300.00 (negotiable).

PNC rear Sight, $250.00.  Contact Marty at 633-0172.


From the Antwerp Conservation Club:  September 25: This Old Rifle–10 am sign up, $5 match fee

September 29:  Youth Intro to guns

September 30:  Faith, Fellowship, and Firearms

October 13:  Tactical “Charity (Toys for Tots)” Match–8 am sign up, 9 am first shot, $20 match fee which goes totally to the charity—free lunch will be served

For more details on each event, contact Aaron Kohler (aaron.kohler@yahoo.com) OR check the Antwerp Conservation website


Please police your brass and trash








FWRR July-August, 2018 Schedule


02—Black Powder—9:00A


06—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P


08—HP–CMP Games—9:00A

16—USPSA Pistol—9:00A


23– HP-Leonard Johnson Match-9A



04—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P


07—Black Powder—9:00A

13—HP–MidRange Tourn—9:00A

21—USPSA Pistol—9:00A

29—HP–Pre-1900 Match-1:00P

31—Newsletter Deadline






July/August Newsletter

Here is a link to the newsletter in MS_Word:


July_August Newsletter


And, here is the vanilla version:



   News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 4/July-August, 2018


From the President’s Desk

Hello Members

I hope everyone has time to use the range as it is in good condition despite all the rain. Everyone that has been involved in grass mowing has been doing a great job. It is that time of the year to get your zeros and practice for the Nationals. Good luck to all that are going and remember to try your best to shoot your personal best. I have a reminder–if you are sponsoring someone make sure all requirements are met. It is yours and the prospective member’s responsibility, not the officers to chase down information.

Have fun. BE SAFE…Jim Sweeney FWRR President


Mowing News: 

When our mowers are working downrange, members should not be handling their firearm in any way.   An updated club schedule can be found at the end of this newsletter and a full schedule on our website.

Please note:  Range procedures #1–Firearms will NOT be handled while anyone is downrange! This includes when the range is being mowed.



Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks… to the mowing brigade

Thanks…to Brock Bell and Scott Figgins for their presentation about our insurance policy at the June meeting

If you know of a member who needs to be recognized, send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com.


Question: What do the numbers on the reloading powders (ie IMR 4895) mean?

“Powder designations are nothing more than an In-House identification number.  They are, however, recorded, recorded in numerical sequence based on burn rates…They’re nothing more than reference numbers assigned to them by the lab…There is, however, a group of sub-numbers that do refer to the original designation.  IE:   4064 and 4064SC (short-cut). “  scducks.com shooting forum FAQ

If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com


Range Orientation (Part 14)

  1. Trap must be shot from the station located at the south end of the 100-yard Firing Line. Shot and clay birds must impact on Club property.
  2. All bullets must land on impact bunkers. If you are unsure of your zero, bore-sight your firearm before using it.
  3. Target frames are positioned at 25, 50, and 100 yards on the 100-yard Range. The 25-yard and 50-yard target frames may be taken down to facilitate shooting at 50 or 100 yard distances.  If target frames are taken down, replace them before you leave the range.


Our club extends sympathy to Bob Bausser for the death of his mother n May and to Frank Ebetino for the death of his mother in June.


ACPDL:  We have been having a great turnout for our matches, including 22 on May 5 and 23 on June 2.   Our next match is July 14 .  Susan Renner

High Power: 

Do you remember the old Hee-Haw song?

Gloom, despair and agony on me,  Deep dark depression – excessive misery; If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. 

Well, that describes the luck we’ve had with the High Power program this summer.  The Team Match for 23 June was another in a series of rain-outs.  It seems the most certain way to get a rainy day is to schedule a high Power Match for that day.  Oh well, it’s Indiana and we can always grumble about the weather.

By the time this newsletter comes out, the NRA Matches at Atterbury will be over or almost over.  If you participated in a Team Match, with half the team as FWRR Members , AND you called the Team FWRR – “whatever”,  the High Power program will pay your entry fee for that match.  Same deal goes for the CMP Matches over at Camp Perry.

We still have a lot of High power shooting to do this summer.  Thursday afternoons are High Power practice.  I try to open the gate by 3:00 to start the grounds keeping and setup work and we shoot at 4:00.  We normally shoot a two-relay, 50 shot National Match format, with flexibility on things to accommodate what folks want to do.

In July we have a 50/80 Match on Saturday, July 14th.  Registration starts at 7:30, closes at 8:30 and first shot goes at 9:00.  In August we shoot the Mike Gingher M1A Match on August 11th.  You don’t have to shoot an M1A to participate.

Then, on August 25th, we shoot the toughest two-man team match in the country; the Leonard Johnson Memorial Match.  In the Leonard we shoot .22 rimfire from 200-yards on the MR42 reduced target – then move back to 300-yards and shoot center fire on the same target.

Bring your rain gear and sunscreen – you will probably need both the same day … it’s Indiana.  Larry Beardsley, High Power Director



Treasurer’s report, Secretary’s minutes, and discipline reports were presented.

Old Business:  Club demographics were discussed.

New Business:  Brock Bell and Scott Figgins talked to the meeting about our insurance policy, answering questions from the floor.

9 new members were voted in.


FOR SALE:   1 B-Square arbor press; 1 Bushnell 20x spotting scope, 45° eye piece with Freeland stand & weight; 1 Chrony chronograph with tripod; 1 Lyman digital electronic scale; 1 RCBS digital electronic scale;  1 gun pistol box with 20x spotting scope; Lyman digital electronic scale; 1 military leather sling; 1 RCBS powder measure; 1  Redding powder measure; 1 RCBS rock crusher reloading press; 1Sinclair bench rest; plus miscellaneous ammo cans

For more information, contact Jim Crawford 260-489-0890

I would like to swap about 1000 small pistol primers (WSP) for small rifle primers (WSR).  Contact Larry Beardsley at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com


From the Antwerp Conservation Club:  August 28:  any rifle, any site, 3 position, 10 am sign up, $10 match fee

Contact Aaron Kohler (aaron.kohler@yahoo.com) OR check the Antwerp Conservation website


Please police your brass and trash


                                                         FWRR July-August, 2018 Schedule


01—Black Powder—9:00A


05—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P

14—HP—50/80 Match—9:00A


15—USPSA Pistol—9:00A


21—Rattle Battle Practice 9:00-12






02—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P


05—Black Powder—9:00A

14—Meeting—Trion-7:30 P


11—HP—M1A Match—9:00A

19—USPSA Pistol—9:00A

25—HP-Leonard Johnson Match-9A


31—Newsletter Deadline





May/June 2018 Newsletter; Volume 18, Issue 3


News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 3/May-June, 2018


From the President’s Desk

I would like to thank all the members who helped out on Work Day.  Jim Johnston did a great job on the door to the white building. Grass cutting will begin next week. A schedule is coming out. Keep in mind that if is going to rain it may move a day ahead or behind. On a safety issue, I found live rounds in Bay 5, and 22 cal. at the 100yd. covered line. This is not the first time, please police your brass and live rounds.


Have fun…Be Safe…Jim Sweeney, President FWRR


Mowing News:  The club voted at the April 2 meeting to purchase two 0 turn John Deere heavy duty mowers to be stored in the Weidman building. An orientation for the operation of the mowers was conducted on Work Day.  Mowing will be done every 2 weeks on Wednesday either in the morning or afternoon.  100, 200, and 300 yard ranges will be closed, but not the pistol bays.  Please note the schedule at the end of this Newsletter.  If you would like a 2018 Revised Schedule, send a note to 300ydharlan@frontier.com


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…to those who helped in the Pistol Bays with annual maintenance…to those who babysat the burn pile…to those who repaired the 100-yard target holders…to those who trimmed and clipped brush…to John Halter who made a pizza run…to Jim Johnston who repaired the door on the Weidman building…to Mike Grannis who changed the codes…and to one of our newest members (Lynn Rosswurm) who brought his tractor to grade the drive and Pistol Bays.  Thanks guys!! For a successful Work Day!!!

Thanks…to the Audit Committee of Scott Hallberg, Steve Flohr, and Larry Howell.

If you know of a member who needs to be recognized, send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com.


From the Archives: February 8, 1949.  Fort Wayne Journal -Gazette, page 60

Rifle Club Sponsors Instruction Class for Junior Shooters

The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club will sponsor a program of instructions for junior shooters in the safe and correct handling of firearms.

All junior shooters up to the age of 19 years of age are invited to report to the Fort Wayne Armory range Monday night at 7:00 p.m.


Question:  What is a meplat?

Very simply, a meplat is the flat or open tip of the bullet.  The shape of the meplat determines how the bullet moves through the air.  The size and shape of the meplat also affects the ballistic coefficients.

For more information, look up meplat on the web.  The very short definition given here is from meplat in Wikipedia.

If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com


Range Orientation (Part 13)

  1. Only pistols and 22 caliber rim-fire rifles may be fired in Pistol Pit. Exception:  During scheduled Cowboy Action Matches low-power center fire rifles (RO discretion) and shotguns may be fired.
  2. Pistol Pit Bays 4 and 5 may be used while the Main Range is being used if there are no scheduled pistol matches or pistol practice sessions underway.
  3. Holstered firearms are not allowed on the Main Range, even if they are unloaded. Drawing and firing handguns from a holster is permitted in the Pistol Pit during matches and during practice with others.  (Drawing and firing handguns is prohibited if you are alone due to safety considerations.)


ACPDL:  We have been having a great turnout for our matches, including 22 on March 3.  We have been having at least one new person every month, observing our matches.  Our next match is May 5th.  Susan Renner

Blackpowder:  On March 4, there were 8 shooters.  There was no match on April 1 due to Easter.  Denny McNabb

IPSIC:  26 shooters participated on March 18.  On April 5, the first of the Thursday practices began and will be on the first Thursday April through October.  Ryan Brammer.


HIGH POWER:   Well, our High Power season got off to a pretty wet start.  The April 14 50/80 Match just didn’t happen!  I can’t even claim that it was cancelled. For the first time in my memory, we scheduled a shooting match and no one came.  Saturday April 14 dawned wet, cold and rainy and everyone except a few folks who were going to help me with the match wisely stayed home.  About 8:45, we decided that folks had better sense than we did so we packed it in and went home to warm dry places too.

The next 50/80 Match is scheduled for May 12th. As usual, registration and squadding will open about 7:30 and will close at 8:30.  Pits will seal at 8:45 and the first shot goes downrange at 9:00 sharp.

The High Power matches will use the new Release of Liability that our attorney prepared for us.  Shooters will be asked to sign the release to participate in the match and will be given a copy for their own review.  If, after that review, they do not agree to the terms of the release, shooters can cancel their acceptance by notifying the Club as outlined in the release.  Based on the advice of our legal counsel, this is necessary for the protection of the participants in the match, members, officers and directors of the Club.

Summer League/ Thursday practice will start when we get decent weather.  I am hoping that we will get good conditions by mid-May, but I’m not setting a firm date just yet. I will use the High Power email list to notify folks of the start date.  If you want to be on the list and are not receiving my group emails, drop me your email address at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com and I will add you to the list.

I think we’re ready to go – we just need the weather to cooperate!

Larry Beardsley  High Power Director  fwrrhpdirector@aol.com



Treasurer’s report, Secretary’s minutes, and discipline reports were presented.

Old Business:  Work Day projects were discussed.

2017 Federal taxes of $1024 were paid.  In 2018, FWRR’s federal taxes will be paid quarterly.

The Audit Committee found the club’s finances to be in good order.

New Business:  A memorial gift of $250 is to be sent to the NRA in memory of Jim Coleman (June, 1999).  Insurance continues to be a much-discussed topic since the latest premium was $5469 based on$15 per member.

Mowers will be purchased and stored in the Weidman building with a mowing schedule to be announced.  $165 was raised from the auction of 2 FNRA knife and cap combinations.

1 new member was voted in.


FOR SALE:  shoulder holster rig for a Glock 37 gen 4.   Anyone interested can email Chip Seidel at cseidel1951@gmail.com



From the Antwerp Conservation Club:  May 5 & June 2:  Rim fire silhouette, any 22lr rifle, 11 am sign up & practice 12 noon match starts, $5 match fee

Contact Aaron Kohler (aaron.kohler@yahoo.com) OR check the Antwerp Conservation website




                                                                            2018 FWRR

                                                                     MOWING SCHEDULE

Date Mowing Time
May 2 Morning
May 16 Afternoon
May 30 Afternoon
June 6 Morning
June 20 Afternoon
July 3 (Tues) Morning
July 18 Morning
Aug 1 Afternoon
Aug 15 Afternoon
Aug 29 Morning
Sep 5 Afternoon
Sep 19 Morning





                                                          FWRR May-June, 2018 Schedule



03—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P


06—Black Powder—9A

12—HP–50/80 Match—9A


20—USPSA Pistol—9:00A








03—Black Powder—9:00A


07—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P

09—HP–50/80 Match—9:00A


16—Rattle Battle Practice—9:00A-12

17—USPSA Pistol—9:00A



30—Rattle Battle Practice—9:00A-12

30—Newsletter Deadline



March – April Newsletter

Here is the March – April Newsletter.  It loses some flavor when I have to convert it from MS-Word:

F W R R News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 2/March-April, 2018


From the President’s Desk:

Spring is here. That means Work Day is coming fast. If you notice anything that needs attention or repair, let us know before Work Day. Some things that are on for work day are conduit for the range safety lighting, target repair, the door on the white building, carriers that may need repair and general maintenance and trimming of the brush along the drive and creek. At the April meeting I will have pricing of lawn equipment to see if we want to cut it ourselves or stay with the lawn service. See you at the meeting.

Have Fun… BE SAFE…Jim


We would like to extend our sympathies to Scott Feasby (a member since 2001) whose mother passed away in January and to Allan Allphin (a member since 2008) whose father died in February. Our sympathies also go out to Steve Smith (a member since 2015) whose only son passed away in November.


Special thanks:

To these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…from Richard Allen who has recently moved and will be canceling his membership to FWRR.

“Thank you for the opportunity to shoot at the range.”

Thanks…from Kris Schultz…

“It is with some degree of sadness and regret that I inform you that I am not renewing my membership at FWRR. When I moved to Detroit, MI 6 years ago, I felt that I would still be able to come down to the range and not only shoot, but support the range with attending Clean-up Day and other member activities like actually attending a club meeting.

However, as life continually proves me wrong, I have not been able to do any of the above mentioned duties. I have not even been able to find time to shoot a high power match in those 6 years either. The members of FWRR have always been true sportsmen and gentlemen, and the range facilities are second to none. Best wishes to the continued success of the club!”

If you know of a member who needs to be recognized, send an e-mail to 330ydharlan@frontier.com. 2 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

From the Archives:

December 3, 1969. Fort Wayne Journal -Gazette, page 2D

Fort Wayne R&R Leads Pistol Loop—The Fort Wayne Rifle & Revolver Club defeated I.T.T. to take the lead in the Northeastern Indiana Marksmanship Association pistol league with a 2-0 record. Tied for second place with one win and one loss are I.T.T., Khyber, Old Fort, Three Rivers, Air National Guard, and Magnavox. Although International Harvester is in the cellar with an 0-2 slate, one of their team members, W. Parks, leads the individual competition with 274.5 average. Other individual leaders are M. Feldes (272), J. Kamer (271), J. Hoelle (266) and D. Massey (266).


Question: What is a headstamp code?

The headstamp code the identification code on the bottom of the cartridge detailing the manufacturer’s name, caliber (if a civilian case), and year of manufacture (if a military case). This information is punched onto the case during the manufacturing process. For more information, check the Cartridge Collectors website.

This information was taken from Wikipedia. If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Range Orientation (Part 12) 21.

If shooters are present for Thursday night HP practice, the Main Range is closed to all other informal practice. 22. Pistol Bays 4 and 5 (west-facing bays) are the only bays in which informal practice is allowed. Bays 1, 2, and 3 (south-facing bays) are reserved for matches and scheduled practice sessions. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


In January, there were 18 competitors and 22 in February. The match on Saturday, March 3 went well. There was a great turn out. There were 7 stages set up and 21 shooters. It was wonderful weather for shooting.

Susan Renner, President, ACPDL

High Power News:

It may not seem like it yet, but winter is drawing to a close.

We only have one more match in the Winter Offhand Tournament – Sunday March 11th . To be in the running for the season aggregate and X-Man awards, you need to shoot the Postal Match before the end of March.

High Power season kicks off with a CMP High Power Clinic on March 24th. (Late note:  This was cancelled due to my wife’s illness).  I was spoiled by last year’s response that needed two sessions to work in all the shooters – so far this year I only have seven reservations and I can handle about 20 people in the session.

Please spread the word around. I will be sending out several emails asking for folks to help me do some setup work at the range before the Clinic, to help me with presentation and to assist with the Garand Match after the classroom. Helpers get to shoot in the match – students need to learn how to score too!

Saturday, April 14th is our first High Power Match of the season. It will be a 50/80 Match like we shot last year. Registration will open about 7:15 or 7:30 and will close at 8:30. Pits will seal at 8:45 and first shot will go downhill at 9:00. Thursday practice and League will start when the weather clears up – I have not set a start date as yet. Mother Nature will have a hand in that.

Larry Beardsley High Power Director

There are several new posts on the website – check them out.  Questions or comments? Contact Larry Beardsley at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.




With Jim Sweeney out of town, Vice-President Mike Grannis conducted the meeting. Martin Didion, Treasurer, stated that the audit is still in progress.

Old Business: Insurance remains a concern, especially liability for guests visiting our range with members or as competitors. We continue to look at our insurance coverage. There was more discussion about the purchase of a tractor for mowing and snow removal. More discussion is planned for the April 2 meeting.

New Business: A note of sympathy has been sent to Scott Feasby’s family.

Friends of the NRA: Gene Pelter gave a report about FNRA banquet. A short discussion followed about the use of electronic targets and the possibility of bench rest matches.

6 new members were voted in. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

From the Antwerp Conservation Club:

March 17—Any rifle, any sights. 10:00 am sign in, 11:00 am first shot, $10 match fee. April 21—2 gun tactical. 9:00am sign in, 10:00 am first shot, $10 match fee. Contact William Boylan bill.ty99@gmail.com OR check the Antwerp Conservation website ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FWRR March-March  – April, 2018 Schedule

March 03—ACPDL—9:00A

04—Black Powder—9:00A


18—USPSA Pistol—9:00A

24—HP Clinic—8:00A

31—Club Dues Deadline

April    01—Black Powder—9:00A

02—Meeting-Trion, 7:30P

05—USPSA Pistol Practice—5:30P


14—HP–50/80 Match—9:00A

15—USPSA Pistol-Classifier—9:00A

21—Work Day

30—Newsletter Deadline 4

January 2018 Newsletter



News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 1/January-February, 2018


From the President’s Desk

I hope everyone had Merry and Happy Holidays. This is the time of the year when the range is not busy, but is a great time to look over the range for repairs for work day. As I am writing this, it’s subzero temperatures outside, and my wife keeps pushing to head for Florida. I’m looking forward to having a good and safe year.

Have a Great Year Shooting and a SAFE YEAR




We would like to extend our sympathies to Gene Pelter (member since 1997) whose father passed away in December, 2017 and to Tom Offerle (member since 2015) whose brother also passed away in December.


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…to those members who have already paid their dues!

Thanks to those members who added a donation to their dues!

If you know of a member who needs to be recognized, send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com.


 From the Archives: January 14, 1948. Fort Wayne Journal -Gazette, page 12

RIFLE CLUB DROPS WAYNEDALE, 760-755   The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club scored a 760-755 victory over the Waynedale Rifle Club Monday night.  Sam Bowlin topped the victors with 193 while Charles Vogts had 195 for Waynedale

Scoring:  Fort Wayne—Bowlin 100-93–193; Roussel 100-90–190; Al Roussell 99-90—189; Pentz-99-89—183.  Wayne dale—Vogts 99-96—196; Conklin 100-93—193; Kich 97-88—185; Thurber 97-85—183.


Question:  From Ron Dague–I get this question form callers all the time;

Question # 2 Do you seat bullets into the lands?  (This pertains to slow fire loads and hunting loads.)

Answer:  My preference is to seat bullets off the lands and I start at .015 off and then move .005 closer and .005 farther off the lands and see what the rifle and bullet wants.  I don’t ever seat bullets into the lands because of pressure problems and if a cease fire is called I don’t have to worry about cleaned out of the action and getting the stuck bullet out of the barrel.

If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com


Range Orientation (Part 11)

  1. No firearms (loaded or unloaded) are allowed down range of the firing line. Exception:  Approved events and Thursday-night High-Power (HP) practice.
  2. Do not post targets directly on target frames and do not intentionally fire at the frames. Post targets on target boards and install the boards in the target frames.  Two-square-foot pieces of cardboard are available in the building at the 100-yard firing line.  Two-foot by four-foot target boards (used on a portion of the 200-yard Target Line) are supplied by shooters.



Gate lock:  make sure to spin the numbers

ECI:  Empty Chamber Indicator—a piece of molded plastic that is a visual notification to those around you that your bullet chamber is empty—make sure that you use it every time you put your piece on the bench.

119 members have already paid their 2018 dues.  That’s 33% for those of you who are statisticians.        ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

ACPDL News:  Susan Renner is now ACPDL president.  They had 17 shooters in November and 16 in December.  January 6 will be the next match.

Black Powder:  The last Black Powder match for 2017 was held on December 3 with 8 shooters competing.  Dennie McNabb says the next match will be Sunday, March 4, 2018.

USPSA:  Ryan Brammer said that there was a 20% drop in the number of competitors this past year due to bad weather.  There were 15 competitors at the last match on October 4.  Approximately 250,000 rounds were fired during matches this year.

High Power:

I want to thank everyone who made 2017 a very successful High Power season.  There is no way we could have had such a good year if I had to try to do this by myself.  We learned a lot – some things worked, some kind of worked and some things we tried just flopped.

We held two CMP High Power Clinics with approximately 40 participants.  There were 11 formal Matches with 174 match entries and 54 individual shooters.  We fired approximately 11,000 rounds in formal competitions and another 2,000 rounds in organized practices, no wonder the holes in the berm got bigger!

Looking to next year: our 2018 schedule will mirror the 2017 schedule and follow the NRA High Power Rules. Keep your second Saturdays open for the 50/80 matches.  I am planning a CMP High Power Clinic in late Mar

Our Thursday practices will be set up as a season-long league for those who want to shoot for score and classification, with the option to just practice for those folks who don’t want to make it a formal match or league.

Questions or comments?  Contact Larry Beardsley at fwrrhpdirector@aol.com.



Old Business:  A motion was made and passed to allot $500 to have a lawyer explore legally updating the Release from Liability form.  The safety lights in front of the 100 and 200-yard firing lines will be installed at the April workday.

New Business:  The USPSA group will be hosting the National Range Officer training class in 2018.  Ryan Brammer will also operate a clinic for this group.

Jim Sweeney would like for the club to think about purchasing a tractor for the purpose of mowing and snow removal.  With approval from members, Jim was asked to appoint a committee to look into the details.  The report will be discussed on April 2.

Bob Bausser asked to allow the Boy Scouts to train boys as they earn their Rifle Shooting merit badge.  After much discussion and with the reminder that getting the youth involved is very important, the members approved.

4 new members were voted in.


Did you know …that our oldest member was born in 1930 and the youngest in 1994? That’s a span of 64 years!  So, no matter your age…no matter your club status (full, senior, or life member), your dues are due NO LATER than March 1, 2018.  The form is attached to this newsletter.  Be sure that you read and answer the entire form.  Life Members—remember that you need to submit a form to ensure that club information is current and correct.  Also, if you are a life NRA member, make sure that you send proof of membership one more time– the NRA Life file is almost completely updated.


January-February, 2018 Schedule







05–Meeting—Trion- 7:30P


28—Newsletter Deadline



Vandalism at FWRR Range – Nov 12, 2017

A definition from the Urban Dictionary:

Jerk: (noun)

Definition:  slang – a stupid, mean or contemptible person.    An egotistical person who does not think rules apply to them and who thinks that everyone should clean up their messes.

Example:  “Some jerk shot up the target frame at 100-yards last week”.

In case you can’t guess it from the tone of this note, I’m irritated.  Several other people are also irritated as well.  There is another urban dictionary term that could describe our mood, but we’ll just stop with “irritated” as a description.

Last Sunday when we came to the range for the Winter Offhand Match, we found that someone fitting the definition above had been at the range recently.  I was at the range on Thursday and I didn’t notice the damage, but it could have been done earlier.

Damage to 100-yard target holder; 12 Nov 2017

Yep, someone has shot the post at the high end of the 100-yard range completely in two. As we looked at the pieces, it was evident that this was not just a case of a couple of rounds hitting the post accidentally.

By the count of several experienced shooters, we saw at least five – maybe seven – or even more projectile impacts on the post.  Some one deliberately took a great deal of effort to shoot enough rounds into the target support to cut it in half.

I’l not go into every Range and Club Rule that was broken.  Vandalism such as this is grounds for a hefty fine or expulsion from the club.  If you are a member and did this, see the definition above.  If you were with the person who did this and did not stop them – see above.

Yeah, maybe someone crawled around the gate or came through the woods, set up at the 100 or 200-yard bench and had a shooting session, but it’s doubtful.  If this was done by a non-member who has our gate code – shame on whoever gave that person the code.

Too many people work to maintain our range as a nice place to shoot to have someone pull a stunt like this!

If you see anything like this happening – say something to the person.

You may think,  “Well, I’m not the Range Officer or a Club Director or a range cop”.

Yes – you are!

Every member is responsible to make sure that everyone on the range observes Range Rules (they are posted on this site if you need a refresher).  There are also pictures of prohibited actions!  Posting a target on a post is one of them!

(On the advice of more responsible persons with cooler heads, I changed the definition at the start of the article to be more socially acceptable.)

Posted by Larry Beardsley -Director, FWRR; High Power Director


November 2017 Newsletter


Here the November Newsletter, first a link to the MS-Word version, then a plain text version.



     F W R R

       News for Members

Volume 17, Issue 6/November – December, 2017


From the President’s Desk

It’s the end of another year of safe and good shooting. The new year is only a month away and dues will be due. This is a good time to make suggestions to the different disciplines on what you would like to see for the next year.  Also anything you can see that needs to be done for this spring for work day needs to be reported to any officer. Lost and Found–if you lost or left something at the range, put it in the newsletter. There was something found at the range.  I have it if you lost it.  You need to describe it to me. (260-348- 3821)

Have a good time at the range–BE SAFE–Jim


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanx! Mike Grannis & Jim Sweeney for repairing the target holders at the 100-yard line & in the bays.

Thanx! to Mike Toscos for grading the roads around the range.

Thanx! to Mike Grannis for the installation of new overhead lights in the Wiedman building.

Thanx! to Russ McCurdy for the donation of lawn timbers.

Thanx! to discipline directors Ryan Brammer, Bruce Bunting, Larry Beardsley, and Dennie McNabb for well-run pistol, hipower, and black powder seasons.

If you know of a member who needs to be recognized, send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com.




From the Archives:

November 17, 1970. Fort Wayne Journal -Gazette, page 4D

RIFLE, REVOLVER CLUB SLATES MATCH SUNDAY:  The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club will hold a centerfire any sight rifle match on deer targets Sunday at its range one-half mile north of State Road 37 on the Rupert Road 2 ½ miles east of Harlan.  The shoot will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The public is invited to compete. 


Question:  From Ron Dague–I get this question form callers all the time;

What is better to full length size or neck size?

The answer has three correct answers:  #1 for service and match rifles–full length size to set the shoulder back .001 to .002 and for service rifles .003 to .004. this insures positive feeding in rapid fire stages.

#2 Neck sizing for slow fire.

#3 Which ever one gives the best results.

I prefer to full length size for better brass life and uniformity.

If you have a shooting question that you think others would be interested in, please send an e-mail to 300ydharlan@frontier.com




Range Orientation (Part 10)

  1. Before handling firearms, make certain that no one is down range. Do not assume that because the flag is down that no one is down range.  Look down all ranges to verify COLD status.
  2. The use of Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs) is strongly encouraged.
  3. All center-fire “brass” (including steel cases) and shot shell hulls must be policed and taken home. This requirement is necessary to avoid injury and damage potentially caused by mowing equipment propelling these objects.  To keep the range tide and avoid a slip hazard, it is recommended that an effort be made to police all 22 RF brass.



Reminder—please keep the editor up to date with your address changes as newsletters are still being returned.

Gate lock:  make sure to spin the numbers

Make sure that ALL bullets impact a berm to stay on club property

FWRR FACEBOOK PAGE:  Facebook administrator Richard Pettibone says that he enters what is given to him and hopes to post the 2018 Schedule when it is complete.  It is located at: https://www.facebook.com/FortWayneRifleRevolver/ Disciplines wishing to have news posted to Facebook should contact Richard at rpettibone4867@gmail.com

REMEMBER:  Our new website URL is www.fwrrclub.org.  The older www.fwrr.us is no longer being updated.


ACPDL News from Bruce Bunting:

Place Name Total Score Class Place Name Total Score Class
1 A. Hyder 463.8 A 1 T. Thoma 424.5 A
2 B. Bunting 412.9 A 2 A.Hyder 354.3 A
3 T. Thoma 390.0 A 3 B.Brace 353.0 C
4 B. Brace 387.8 C 4 G. Walker 309.8 B
5 S. Renner 370.8 B 5 D.Boyle 303.3 C
6 R. Boyle 342.2 C 6 C.Glover 303.1 C
September Pistol Match Results (Max 475) October Pistol. Match Results (Max 440)

ACPDL has been having a good year for shooters. So far, this year we have welcomed 9 new shooters to our organization. In September we had 14 shooters and in October we had 20 shooters. Here are the top 6 places.


Black Powder News from Dennie McNabb:

“We are a bunch of old guys who get together to eat, jaw, and shoot.”


High Power News from Larry Beardsley:

High Power–October 2017–The last 50/80 High Power Match of 2017 was held on October 14th with 16 shooters enjoying a beautiful Fall day to shoot.  As a celebration of the good season we had, this was a free match – only NRA fees were collected. First Place was Brad Diehl (788 – 42X).  Second Place was Joe Bakies of the Lima Sabers (783-26X).  Third Place was Mark Walters (771-22X).

Then, on Saturday October 28th, we closed out the competitive season with a three-match Mid-Range Tournament.  That Saturday was as nasty a day as we have had in a while, but the scores did not show the conditions of the day.

First Place Match Rifle winner was Mark Walters (593-28X).  Second Place Match Rifle winner Norb Norden (579-17X).  First Place Service Rifle winner was Brad Diehl (587-16X).

Individual winners were Match Rifle shooter Ron Dague (199-11X), Match Rifle shooter Mark Walters (194-4X, 199-14X), and Service Rifle Shooter Brad Diehl (192-4X, 194-4X, 199-8X).

Then, on Sunday October 29th, we had an “I have This Old Gun” Match.  It appears that the weather was more that most folks wanted to brave, but we had four folks show up with a 71/84 Mauser, a pair of Moisin-Nagants and a reproduction 1894 Winchester.  We shot a bit, had some fun and went home to warm up.



Due to the lack of a 7% quorum, business (old or new) could not be acted upon.  Discipline reports were presented.

2 new members were taken in.



2 hang-on tree stands—both in excellent condition–$25 each—call Tom 260-740-6000

For sale Henry Big Boy rifle .44 Mag/Spl. model #H006—new in box $650.00—call Tom 260-740-6000


Ruger old Army stainless, competition ready—sights, custom grips, 28 oz trigger, lapped barrel, 600 r.b., 500 Lee w.c., 1000 felt wads, bullet molds, extra grips, Sinclair press everything perfect–$800.00—call Ron 260-747-4201


Did you know …that we have members who joined in the 1960’s?  And now it is your turn to renew your membership early.  Dues are due NO LATER than March 1, 2018.  The form is attached to this newsletter.  Be sure that you read and answer the entire form.  Life Members—remember that you need to submit a form to ensure that club information is current and correct.


November—December Schedule



05—Black Powder—9A





03—Black Powder—9A

04—Meeting—Trion-7:30 P


31—Newsletter Deadline