Work Day – Saturday April 20th

Work Day was scheduled for Saturday, April 20th ‘way back in December – long before we could have had a weather forecast.  It was a dark, cloudy, cold day and the High Power Director was accused of scheduling the event since it looked like the kind of day for a lot of the High Power matches last year.  Let it be clear to everyone …  it was not his fault (this time).

But, in spite of a steady drizzle and an occasional downpour, about 12 or 15 folks showed up to try to do what could be done under shelter.

Jim Sweeney and a crew worked in the Wiedeman building to get tractors and mowers ready for the summer.

Denny McNabb and the carpentry crew readied some new target supports.  Denny also cut a lot of fresh 24 x 24 target backers out of the scrap cardboard that had accumulated.

A group including Gary Walker and Bruce Bunting spent time working in the pistol bays.

John Halter put on his rain gear and trimmed up brush and downed trees along the north property line.

Several folks helped Larry Beardsley hold a good cleanup in the Clubhouse.  The pile of cardboard and trash in the corner had started to look like a paper recycling warehouse and had turned into a mouse condo. The windows and sills had become well speckled with spider poop.  The rainy day gave us an opportunity to get a good Spring cleaning done in there.

Snuffling out the dead spiders, sawdust and gunk

No, we didn’t get any real outdoor work done, but we have stuff ready to be put in place when the weather breaks.

Denny cut a lot of 24 x 24 target backers and put them in the box by the door

Thanks to everyone who came out – I know I didn’t mention everyone by name – it’s just old age and failing memory, not any intent to ignore anyone.


Housekeeping Notes



These three boxes are the scrap cardboard and trash we cleaned out of the corner. We’ll burn them some dry day. We no longer have a dumpster, so take your trash home if you would, please.  If not, put it in the cans on the covered firing lines.  If the cans are full, take out the liner and put in a fresh one. We try to keep a new liner tied to the lid of the can.  If not – there is a box of liners under the light switch in the Clubhouse. (Carry the old bag home with you, don’t leave it sitting for someone else).

Since we have plenty of cardboard to make new backers, if your backer is shot up – take it back home.  Don’t stick it in the box “Just in case somebody else wants it”.  That’s how we end up with a box of trash.