CMP Games Match – Saturday, May 8th

It’s Shooting Season again!

This Saturday, May 1, will be the High Power Clinic for new shooters.  Normally we would shoot a Garand Match as part of the Clinic, but after doing this a number of times I have figured out that trying to do both on the same day makes me hurry through the class and skip some things I want to cover – or run too long with the class and then I have to hurry through the match.

Saturday 8 May, our normal second Saturday Match, will be a CMP Games Match this year.  It will be shot in the Garand Match format; 5-sighters and 30-shots for record at 200-yards.  I am going to reserve the first two relays for the new shooters who attended the Clinic so we can work with them as they shoot their first match. 

Experienced shooters will be squadded on Relays 3 and higher.  This is a re-entry match, and as usual we will have entry categories for just about any high power rifle you want to shoot.  Bring as many rifles as you want to!

Match fees are $20 for FWRR members or members of affiliated clubs, $25 for non-members.  The first re-entry match is a flat $15 for everyone and if you want to shoot a third match, that will be $10.

I strongly suggest that you pre-register for the match so we can assign relays and firing positions in advance.  We will be using the Silver Mountain Targets, so bring your tablets, smart phones, iPads or whatever for a scoring device.

There will be M1 Garands available for loan and M2 Ball ammunition is available for sale at $20 for a 35-round Match pack.  Contact if you would like to use a loaner Garand for the match.

Summer 2021 Range Mowing Dates

Mowing dates are subject to weather conditions.  The times when mowing occurs are a function of volunteer availability.  The main range is closed during mowing but the pistol bays will remain open.

Mowing Dates:

April 28                  August 4

May 12                   August 18

May 26                   September 1

June 9                    September 15

June 23                  September 29

July 7                     October 13

July 21                   October 27

Mark, Mark and Mike at Camp Atterbury

Mark Richard, Mark Walters and Mike King shooting in the rain at Camp Atterbury

Either these Old Guys are tough enough to shoot on a drizzly damp day – or they don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

I suspect they just like to shoot that much – and they’re determined.

Addition: After I posted this, I received this in an email from the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association:

“Congratulations to Saturday Match Winner Mike King, 784-25 … .

That’s a 98% score – well into the High Master range!

Congratulations Mike

FWRR Receives 2021 CMP Affiliation Certificate

FWRR has been certified as a CMP Affiliated Club for 2021. This means that an FWRR Member can use their membership card to verify that they are eligible to purchase an M1 Garand or other CMP merchandise. Participants in CMP Matches who are not members may use their certificates of participation for CMP merchandise as well.

Saturday, April 10 – First 50/80 High Power Match for 2021

The first 50/80 High Power Match of the year will be on Saturday, April 10th.

This Match can be fired as either an NRA 50 or 80 – round Match, or a CMP 80 – round match.  It is an either/or choice, not both.

It will be fired on Silver Mountain electronic targets, so make sure your display device is working.  We will shoot with seven persons per relay – two relays in the early session at 9:00 and two relays in the late session at 11:00.

Registration for the first session will open at 7:30.  I will need folks to execute CMP Liability Releases since we are shooting as a CMP Affiliated Club.

First shot will be at 9:00 – we don’t get good light until then this early in the year.

Match fees are $20.00 for FWRR Members and members of affiliated Clubs and $25.00 for non-members.  Juniors under 18 are $15.00.  I will waive NRA processing fees for the first three matches so shooters can get the required 240 shots to establish a classification. Later in the year I will charge a $5.00 NRA Processing fee since the NRA charges that to put scores into their system.

I know the COVID situation has eased considerably since last year, but please respect people with possible susceptibilities and wear a mask while you are in the Clubhouse registering or just hanging out.

For more information or if there are questions, contact Larry Beardsley at FWRRHPDirector