High Power Practice – May 27th

High Power practice last night, May 27th, had a great turn-out.  We had all eight of our Silver Mountain Targets in operation, Jim and Mark brought their own SMT setups for a total of ten targets in operation and we still had to pair fire on one target because we had 11 shooters show up!

We had a really great turn-out Thursday afternoon. And, it really was getting that foggy by the time we finished.

And, with all of that –  we still finished up a full practice by 6:00.  Great job guys!

Just a reminder – the practice on June 3 is primarily a Junior practice. We will be giving special attention to our Juniors and the pace of things will be a lot different to meet their needs.

2021 Junior State Championship Match Program

Junior High Power State Championship Match

Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Reduced Course                         

Dates:            Saturday, July 10, 2021                            

Sponsor:        Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Location:       Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club Range, 15715 Rupert Road, Harlan, IN  46743   Google: “15715 Rupert Road, Harlan IN” for detailed directions.

Contact Information:  For additional information, contact the FWRR High Power Match Director, Larry Beardsley, at FWRRHPdirector@aol.com.

Open To:       NRA or ISRPA membership not required.  All competitors must have a Release of Liability Agreement on file with FWRR, or must complete the Release at registration. Competitors must sign the Liability Release and a Parent, Guardian or an Authorized Adult must witness the signature.  An Authorized Adult must have signed Parental or Guardian consent to sign the Release of Liability.

Entry Fee: $10.00, payable at Statistics Office on Match day.  Cash or checks only please; no credit cards can be processed.  Entry fees are partially paid by an FWRR contributor and an IYSSF Grant.

Ammunition:  Any safe ammunition permitted – No tracers or incendiary rounds.             

Time:  Registration opens at 7:30 and closes at 8:30.  First shot – promptly at 9:00 A.M.  Lunch will be available – free to competitors and may be purchased for $10.00 by non-competitors.

Pre-Registration:  Pre-registrations are encouraged.  Register at FWRRHPDirector@aol.com.  Walk-in registrations will be accepted up to a range capacity of 28 competitors.  Adults may fire as “Out of Competition” shooters if range capacity allows.  Parents and sponsors of Competitors will be given preference for “Out of Competition” slots.

Course of Fire:  NRA 50-Round National Match Course.  The 600-yard stage will be fired at 300-yards on the MR-63 reduced target.

Rules:  2021 NRA High Power Rules will apply.  Match and Service rifles will be permitted. NRA Classifications will be used.  Shooters not having a classification will enter as Unclassified Master.  A Match Jury will be empaneled. 

Targets: The matches will be shot on Silver Mountain Electronic Targets.  Competitors are required to provide their own display device (Tablet, IPhone, IPad) or similar device.  Competitors are responsible for having enough battery capacity in their devices to support the operating time required for a match.

If, in the judgment of the Range Officer, a competitor is shooting in a manner that endangers the range equipment, that competitor will be withdrawn from the match and their match fees refunded.

Match Structure:  NRA Registered Match

Match 1– 200yds, slow fire, standing, 2 convertible sighters and 10 shots for record

Match 2 – 200yds, rapid fire, sitting, 2 sighters and 10 shots for record, 63 seconds

Match 3 – 300yds, rapid fire, prone, 2 sighters and 10 shots for record, 73 seconds

Match 4 – Simulated 600yds, slow fire, prone, 2 convertible sighters and 20 shots for record

Match 5– Course Aggregate: Matches 1-4.  Match 5 winner will be the Indiana Junior State Champion, subject to residency requirement.


Match Winners:  An award will be presented to the winner of each Match.

Classification Winner:  The high scoring competitor in each Classification will be presented an award.  Classifications will be combined until a minimum of three Competitors are represented in each Classification.

Residency:  Indiana Junior State Champion must be an Indiana resident.

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Electronic Target Scoring Rules

1. Verifier Duties.  During competitions with E-targets, competitors on a prior or upcoming relay are assigned as verifiers.   Duties of Verifiers include:

A. Confirming that competitors fire at their targets and that their targets score those shots.

B. Confirming that competitors fire the correct number of shots at their targets during slow and rapid-fire series.

C. Immediately notifying the RO regarding any questions, complaints or irregularities on the verifier’s target.

D. Scores recorded by verifiers are unofficial until the competitor’s monitors and associated shot data are cleared, then the verifier’s recorded scores become the official scores.

2. Protested Shot Value:   Since backing cards are not used, score value protests cannot be accepted unless the target identifies the shot with a “*” in the shot column, indicating something non-standard, such as extreme shot angle, abnormal velocity, loss of a sensor, etc.  In this case a protested shot value may be changed or refired at the Range Officer’s discretion.

3. Missing Shot, Slow Fire:

A.  Check for extra shots on adjacent targets. If the competitor agrees that the crossfire is his, score the shot as a miss.

B.  If the competitor disagrees that he fired crossfire, or if there is no indication of a crossfired shot on adjacent targets, direct the competitor to fire his next record shot. If that shot registers on the monitor, direct the competitor to continue firing to complete the required number of shots in the series.

C.  If the competitor fires his/her next record shot and that shot does not register on the monitor, move the competitor to a spare target and direct the competitor to continue firing to complete the required number of shots in the series.

4. Missing Shot, Rapid-Fire (Insufficient Hits):

A. Confirm the complaint with the competitor and verifier.

B. If the verifier confirms that the competitor did not fire all 10 shots (saved rounds), count the scored hits.

C. If the competitor fired all 10 shots and there are nine or fewer shots indicated, check for excessive hits on adjacent targets. If there are excessive hits equal to the number of missing shots, score the missing shot(s) as a miss(es).

D. If the competitor fired all 10 shots and there are nine or fewer shots indicated, and there are no excessive hits on adjacent targets, score the missing shot as equal to the value of the lowest scoring shot in that series, or allow refire of the string.

5. Unclaimed or Extra Shot, Slow Fire:

 A. If an unclaimed or extra shot appears on the monitor, the competitor may complain:

a) when he/she discovers the extra shot, or:

b) when the competitor has one shot to fire and the monitor indicates that all shots in that series have already been fired, or;

  c) when after firing the last shot, the competitor observes that the monitor indicates an extra shot has been fired.

B.  If the unclaimed shot appears before the completion of the series, check for missing shots on adjacent targets. If there is a missing shot on an adjacent target, direct the competitor to continue firing and disregard the crossfire.

C. If the extra shot cannot be identified before the end of the series, nullify the lowest value shot as the crossfire shot and count the remaining 10 or 20 shots as the competitor’s score.

D. If a target receives two or more unclaimed extra shots in a slow-fire series and crossfires cannot be identified, apply Rule 6.B (11 or 12 shots) or 6.C (13 or more shots).

E. If there is an unclaimed extra shot, it is also possible (very rare) that the extra shot (usually indicated as a frame hit or miss) was caused by a piece of debris from an off-target miss or frame hit on an adjacent target (ricochet hit). If a ricochet hit is identified, nullify the unclaimed extra shot and count the 10 or 20 record shots fired by the competitor.

6. Extra Shot(s), Rapid-Fire (Excessive Hits):

A. Confirm the complaint with the competitor and verifier.

B. If 11 or 12 hits are indicated in a rapid-fire series and the crossfire shot cannot be identified, nullify the lowest value hit/hits and count the remaining ten (10) shots as the competitor’s score (high 10).

C.  If 13 or more hits are indicated in a rapid-fire series and the crossfire shots cannot be identified, determine the total score for the 10 lowest value hits and give the competitor the option of:

a) accepting that score, or;

 b) refiring the series as a range alibi.

7. Bullet Diameter:  Calibers of individual competitor’s rifles are not assigned.  All targets score all shots as .308 caliber.

8. Failure of One or More Targets:   In the event of a target failure or malfunction, the competitor must be moved to a spare (hospital) target and allowed to refire the series in which the complaint occurred as a range alibi.

FWRR Dominates Dan Ireland Match – Again

For the second straight year, The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club was well represented at the Dan Ireland Match held at Camp Atterbury last weekend.

Mark Richard and Mike King with their Dan Ireland Match Awards

On Saturday, Mark Walters won the day’s 80-round match with an aggregate of 776.  Mike King won the 800-yard match shot that same day with a 199.

On Sunday, Mark Richard shot a 199 in the 300-yard rapid prone stage with a 778 aggregate for the match.

For the weekend, Mike King ended up 2nd overall in the two-day aggregate score and Mark Richard followed him in 3rd place.

Thanks guys; you make us proud!

June 2021 Newsletter

FWRR Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club will be held on June 1, 2021.  Meeting Place: FWRR Range.  Meeting Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  Agenda: Standard meeting format.     Please try to attend as a quorum is required to conduct club business.  Bring a comfortable chair. Beverages will be provided.

Cleanup Day

A total of only 11 members (3 % of the membership) participated in Cleanup Day activities.  Thanks to all who participated!

The work that was accomplished included the following:  general cleanup of the Pistol Range and the building on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the Main Range, repair of target frames on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the Main Range, brush trimming along the lane between the 300 yard and 200 yard mounds, and an entrance gate improvement.

Events Schedule

The 2021 Events Schedule is posted on the FWRR website.  Copies of the schedule were mailed to members who elected to receive the Newsletter via US Mail.

Main Range Maintenance Closings

Mowing is scheduled for the following Wednesdays: 6/9, 6/23, 7/7, 7/21 and 8/4.   The Main Range is closed while mowing is being performed; however, the Pistol Range will remain open.  Mowing times vary depending on volunteer availability.  Dates may vary depending on weather and ground conditions.  If dates change, an effort will be made to post updates on the website.  Checking the website before traveling to the range is always recommended.

The Main Range will be closed while work is being performed to replace the bridge on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the range.  The Pistol Range will remain open. Dates will vary depending on volunteer availability and weather/ground conditions.  It is expected that work will commence in late May and extend through the end of June.  Check the website for information updates before going to the range.


Police your brass and trash before leaving the range.  Brass can become a hazard to facilities and personnel during mowing.   Brass may be discarded in the buckets provided for that purpose.  The trash containers at the range are not intended for use by the general membership.  Take home all trash (e.g., used targets, drink containers, and particularly food wrappers and food remnants).  Failure to remove your trash causes extra, sometimes quite unpleasant, work for the few volunteers who empty trash containers.

Do not shoot target frames of place objects to be shot on the frames.  All shots should go through the cardboard backers on which targets are posted. 

Newsletter Editor

The club is still seeking a volunteer to serve as Newsletter Editor.  The editor is responsible for collecting inputs from club officers and ROs, preparing the newsletter, and distributing it via email or USPS (per member preference) two weeks prior to club meetings. Interested members may contact Marty Didion (martindidion4@gmail.com) to volunteer and/or to receive additional information.

Sad News

The Club has been notified of the passing of member Gary Guesbeck.   Gary became a member in August, 2015.   Please extend condolences to his family and friends.

2021 New Members

The following individuals became FWRR members in April:  Chris Harmon, Jonathan Wright, and Richard Busch.  Welcome, gentlemen!

Sale Items

Gun Powder.  Quanity: 15 lbs.  No further details were available at publication time.  Contact Clem Swaidner [(260) 750-6831] for further information.

Centra and PMW receiver sights for sale.  Contact Marty Didion at martindidion4@gmail.com.


Several years ago we replaced the heater in the new building at the range thinking it had bad controls or a bad gas valve.  It turned out to be a defective regulator on the LP-gas tank and we had replaced a perfectly good heater.  The heater has been sitting for two winters now and it is time for it to go to a new home.

It is a Mr. Heater Model MHU-50:  https://www.mrheater.com/50-000-btu-big-maxx-natural-gas-unit-heater-1336.html. A new one is priced at over $500.

It is a 30,000 BTU propane heater with a blower and it requires a vent.  If you have been in the new building when the heater is running, you know it can put out a lot of heat.

If you are interested in buying this heater, contact Marty Didion at:  martindidion4@gmail.com and make him an offer he can’t refuse!

Junior Practice – May 6th

We had the first High Power Practice yesterday, May 6th.  I have set the first Thursday of the month aside for a dedicated Junior session so we can work with them on basics and fundamentals or try to solve any particular problem they are having.

But – it had started raining about 2:00 yesterday and we had to change our plans.  Instead of practicing a CMP Games Match, we went up under the porch and worked on breathing, sight pictures and trigger control and just handling their rifles using benches and sandbags at 50-yards.  Our goal was to give the shooters confidence in their ability for them and their rifles to put shots on target at the point they were aiming.

We had three Juniors shoot and we had three experienced shooters to watch them and coach as needed.  Thanks to Greg, Jess and Larry for their help.  We shot a bunch of the Lake City ammo that Mark had donated as we shot for group consistency – not necessarily for centered groups. OPA (other people’s ammo) is as good as it gets.

What we gained from the session was that all three of the shooters have a better knowledge of applying what we had talked about at the High Power Clinic and they are a lot more familiar with the rifles they will shoot on Saturday at the CMP Games Match.  They finally got to make them go BANG!

All three Juniors were able to easily shoot 10-ring sized groups, load and unload the rifles safely, change magazines smoothly and improve the skills they need for a live match.  Even with the rain, it turned out to be a good day.

We hope to see everyone Saturday for the CMP Games Match!

FWRR At Camp Perry

FWRR Members Carl Johnson, Dean Didion, Marty Didion and Denny Shook grace the entry page to the CMP Clubs web page. We believe that this picture dates to 2009.

Check it out at thecmp.org/clubs/

This is the FWRR Club Team stepping out at the 600-yard line for the Rattle Battle. We’re not sure just who is hidden at the far end, but Brock Bell, John Halter and Mike Toscos are candidates for those last two spots.

High Power Clinic; May 1st

Is he going to get his thumb mashed?

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club CMP High Power Clinic participants, held on May 1, watch closely as CMP GSM Master Instructor Larry Beardsley demonstrates the proper way to close the bolt on an M1 rifle.  All of the participants successfully demonstrated their ability to close the M1’s bolt and no “M1 Thumbs” were experienced.

“You keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are on your target…”
“Getting ready to close the bolt; watch closely now”