FWRR Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club will be held on June 1, 2021.  Meeting Place: FWRR Range.  Meeting Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  Agenda: Standard meeting format.     Please try to attend as a quorum is required to conduct club business.  Bring a comfortable chair. Beverages will be provided.

Cleanup Day

A total of only 11 members (3 % of the membership) participated in Cleanup Day activities.  Thanks to all who participated!

The work that was accomplished included the following:  general cleanup of the Pistol Range and the building on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the Main Range, repair of target frames on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the Main Range, brush trimming along the lane between the 300 yard and 200 yard mounds, and an entrance gate improvement.

Events Schedule

The 2021 Events Schedule is posted on the FWRR website.  Copies of the schedule were mailed to members who elected to receive the Newsletter via US Mail.

Main Range Maintenance Closings

Mowing is scheduled for the following Wednesdays: 6/9, 6/23, 7/7, 7/21 and 8/4.   The Main Range is closed while mowing is being performed; however, the Pistol Range will remain open.  Mowing times vary depending on volunteer availability.  Dates may vary depending on weather and ground conditions.  If dates change, an effort will be made to post updates on the website.  Checking the website before traveling to the range is always recommended.

The Main Range will be closed while work is being performed to replace the bridge on the 25/50/100 yard portion of the range.  The Pistol Range will remain open. Dates will vary depending on volunteer availability and weather/ground conditions.  It is expected that work will commence in late May and extend through the end of June.  Check the website for information updates before going to the range.


Police your brass and trash before leaving the range.  Brass can become a hazard to facilities and personnel during mowing.   Brass may be discarded in the buckets provided for that purpose.  The trash containers at the range are not intended for use by the general membership.  Take home all trash (e.g., used targets, drink containers, and particularly food wrappers and food remnants).  Failure to remove your trash causes extra, sometimes quite unpleasant, work for the few volunteers who empty trash containers.

Do not shoot target frames of place objects to be shot on the frames.  All shots should go through the cardboard backers on which targets are posted. 

Newsletter Editor

The club is still seeking a volunteer to serve as Newsletter Editor.  The editor is responsible for collecting inputs from club officers and ROs, preparing the newsletter, and distributing it via email or USPS (per member preference) two weeks prior to club meetings. Interested members may contact Marty Didion (martindidion4@gmail.com) to volunteer and/or to receive additional information.

Sad News

The Club has been notified of the passing of member Gary Guesbeck.   Gary became a member in August, 2015.   Please extend condolences to his family and friends.

2021 New Members

The following individuals became FWRR members in April:  Chris Harmon, Jonathan Wright, and Richard Busch.  Welcome, gentlemen!

Sale Items

Gun Powder.  Quanity: 15 lbs.  No further details were available at publication time.  Contact Clem Swaidner [(260) 750-6831] for further information.

Centra and PMW receiver sights for sale.  Contact Marty Didion at martindidion4@gmail.com.