Several years ago we replaced the heater in the new building at the range thinking it had bad controls or a bad gas valve.  It turned out to be a defective regulator on the LP-gas tank and we had replaced a perfectly good heater.  The heater has been sitting for two winters now and it is time for it to go to a new home.

It is a Mr. Heater Model MHU-50: A new one is priced at over $500.

It is a 30,000 BTU propane heater with a blower and it requires a vent.  If you have been in the new building when the heater is running, you know it can put out a lot of heat.

If you are interested in buying this heater, contact Marty Didion at: and make him an offer he can’t refuse!

Junior Practice – May 6th

We had the first High Power Practice yesterday, May 6th.  I have set the first Thursday of the month aside for a dedicated Junior session so we can work with them on basics and fundamentals or try to solve any particular problem they are having.

But – it had started raining about 2:00 yesterday and we had to change our plans.  Instead of practicing a CMP Games Match, we went up under the porch and worked on breathing, sight pictures and trigger control and just handling their rifles using benches and sandbags at 50-yards.  Our goal was to give the shooters confidence in their ability for them and their rifles to put shots on target at the point they were aiming.

We had three Juniors shoot and we had three experienced shooters to watch them and coach as needed.  Thanks to Greg, Jess and Larry for their help.  We shot a bunch of the Lake City ammo that Mark had donated as we shot for group consistency – not necessarily for centered groups. OPA (other people’s ammo) is as good as it gets.

What we gained from the session was that all three of the shooters have a better knowledge of applying what we had talked about at the High Power Clinic and they are a lot more familiar with the rifles they will shoot on Saturday at the CMP Games Match.  They finally got to make them go BANG!

All three Juniors were able to easily shoot 10-ring sized groups, load and unload the rifles safely, change magazines smoothly and improve the skills they need for a live match.  Even with the rain, it turned out to be a good day.

We hope to see everyone Saturday for the CMP Games Match!