Hoosier Home Range Hundred Update; September 4, 2021

The competition is picking up as rained out matches are made up and scheduled matches are shot.  So far The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club and Wildcat Valley Rifle and Pistol Club have shot matches and turned in scores.

It is interesting to note that while “the usual bunch” of shooters show up in the leader standings in the top classifications, it is the Junior shooters who are making their presence noted in the lower classes – and in fact they are shooting well above their classifications.

In the Sharpshooter Class, Junior boy Colton Eads from FWRR is in the lead with a 474-4X and Junior Girl Emma Branson (shot at Wildcat Valley) is top Marksman with a 465-8X.  Congratulations to both of these upcoming Junior shooters!

As of sunset on September 4th, here are the overall first place leaders:

High Master               Mike King                    FWRR                           493-25X

Master                        Paul Ellerseck            Wildcat Valley             488-15X

Expert                         Mike (Doc) Habel       FWRR                          468-  8X

Sharpshooter             Colton Eads                FWRR                          474-  4X  Junior Boy

Marksman                  Emma Branson           Wildcat Valley              465-  8X  Junior Girl

But, as Yogi Berra said; “It ain’t over until it’s over”.  There are still scheduled matches at FWRR and Wildcat Valley and it’s not too late for everyone else to put together a match and get into the competition.  There is money to be won – so jump in!