CMP Games Match; May 14, 2022

After a rain-out of the match scheduled for April (or was it a snow-out?) we caught a great day for the CMP Games Match.  No wind, lots of sun but not so much as to burn us up or melt us down.  17 shooters turned out and shot 25 matches (several folks shot two or more rifles).

In a CMP Games Match, we have a category for just about any rifle you want to shoot and yesterday was no exception.  We had five shooters with As-issued M1 Garands and four of those shooters fired Silver Medal scores:

Mark Walters     276-3X

Ron Dague          273-4X

John Halter         273-4X

Jeff Beierke         271-3X

Three shooters fired Unlimited Garands, three shooters brought 1903 or 1903A3 Springfields, and there were three entries with M1917 “Enfield pattern” bolt rifles.  And, rounding out the old rifle entries – Mark Walters brought out an M1 Carbine and fired one of the top three Offhand scores of the day (91-0X) with it! 

Never underestimate an old man with an M1 Carbine; 91-0X Offhand at 200-yards!

Mark Walters also shot a Silver medal score with a borrowed 1903A3 Springfield and Jeff Beierke shot a 269-2X with the M1917 for a Bronze medal.

Three shooters entered in the Modern Military category and all three qualified with medal scores:

Aaron Kohler      280-6X (Silver) … with a 100-4X clean in the prone rapid stage

Jess Jessup          275-7X (Bronze)

Gary Mabis          274-3X (Bronze)

Gary Mabis, Dave Lovitt and Mia on the low end of the line

The unlimited Modern Military class had the most shooters, and with the scoped rifles at 200-yards, the competition was intense!

When the smoke cleared and the Cease Fire was called, results were:

Marshall Rohrbach (Junior)           291- 7X  (Silver)  (High score of any category for the day!)

Marshall is all business as he works on his 291-7X

Jim Jackson                                       289-11X (Silver)

Gary Mabis                                        286- 7X  (Silver)

Kileen Shaffer                                   279-10X (Bronze)

But – the competition for bragging rights in Unlimited Modern Military was most intense in the Slow Prone stage.  There was just no room for a mistake in that bunch:

Kileen Shaffer (Junior)                    100-7X (Creedmored them!)

“I can do this”.. The Junior motto.
And she did…..

Jim Jackson                                       100-6X

Gary Mabis                                        100-5X

Colton Eads (Junior)                        100-5X

Colton and his trademark floppy hat

Marshall Rohrbach (Junior)            99-3X (Drop one point and come in fifth, a tough crowd indeed!)

It looks like young eyes help a lot!

Mike Grannis from the Stat Office waits for Addysin and Kileen to finish scorecards

Our next match will be the Midsummer Madness weekend in June; a 50-round match on Friday afternoon – June 17th, a 50/80 Match on Saturday,  June 18th  and a Mid-Range and M1A Match on Sunday, June 19th. It will be a full weekend of shooting to celebrate the start of summer.   Mark your calendars and shoot as many sessions as you can!