Indiana Juniors at Camp Perry

The Junior High Power Shooters of Indiana were well represented at the USMC Advanced Firing School and the USAMU Small Arms Firing School.

FWRR Juniors, in purple and green T-shirts attended the Small Arms Firing School and other Indiana Juniors, in the red sweatshirts, attended the advanced USMC class.

FWRR Junior Marshall Rohrbach, second from right, shooting in his first match at Camp Perry finished 17th of 267 competitors with a score of 376-6X. By finishing in the top 10% of the competitors in this special EIC Match, Marshall earned 4 Distinguished Rifleman Leg Points. Way to go Marshall!!

FWRR Junior Coach Larry Beardsley Congratulates Marshall on his EIC Point Award

The next FWRR competitor was Kileen Shaffer, 79th of 267 with a 357-3X. Addisyn Shull and Mia King rounded out the FWRR group with 176th and 220th places, respectively.

Kileen, Addisyn and Marshall with Lt. Col. Andreason

Probably more importantly, Col. Eric Andreasen – USAMU Coach for the FWRR Team (who just completed his tour of duty as CO of the USAMU) commented that they see a lot of Junior Teams when they run matches with the USAMU, but it has been a long time since the USAMU staff has seen a group as polite, respectful, courteous and attentive as our FWRR Juniors.

Congratulations to our FWRR Juniors and to all of the Indiana Junior High Power shooters!