WOW!  While I was out playing around with the Juniors, I missed a heck of a match back here at home.

We had thirteen shooters come to the line for the July 30 Mid-Range Tournament.  It was a combined any-sight/iron-sight tournament and there were five shooters who chose to shoot iron sights in one or more matches.  SO – since I had promised to recognize iron sight shooters, I chose to make Iron Sight and Overall Match awards.

The Iron Sight Match was designated as Match 3 and five shooters shot irons in that match.  Iron Sight match standings were:

First:                     Mark Walters     192-7X

Second:                Dean Drews       181-9X (CREEDMOOR!)

Third:                    Mike Habel         181-2X 

Overall  Tournament Standings were:

First: Ron Dague          596-36X(CREEDMOOR! – again)    (Scope, scope, scope)

Second:     Jim Jackson         596-29X        (Scope, scope, scope)

Third:      Mark Walters     589-30X                       (Scope, scope, irons)

There were several  198’s and 199’s shot in individual matches. Ron Dague shot a 200-14X clean in Match 2 and and Jim Jackson cleaned his target in Match 1 with a 200-11X score.  It speaks very well to the quality of our shooters when both the iron sight and overall results had standings decided by X-counts!

Thanks again to Mike Grannis for doing the Stat Office and Admin duties and to Mark Walters for running the line and  shooting  at the same time.  It’s hard to do both things at once.  And, thanks to all of the shooters who made things run smoothly.