Wildcat Valley Rifle and Pistol Club hosted the Indiana 300-Yard Reduced Course State Championship on Saturday, August 27th and the Fort Wayne Rifle and Pistol Club was well represented at the event.  Mark Richard, Mike Habel, Mike King and Juniors Marshall Rohrbach, Kileen Shaffer and Addiysn Shull made up the shooting contingent and Mike Grannis and Larry Beardsley were there as the support group.  Larry acted as the Range Officer for the match and Mike was the Statistical Officer as scores were tallied at match end.

ISRPA Reduced Course State Championship Trophy; 300-Yards

The 300-Yard Reduced Course State Championship title was captured by Wildcat Valley Junior Madelyn Schnelle with an impressive 791-31X score.  Madelyn dropped 5 points in the first 10 shots in Offhand and then dropped only four more points across the rest of the match.

Madelyn Schnelle accepts the ISRPA 300-Yard Reduced Course Championship Trophy from Randy Vonderheide

FWRR’s Mark Richard took First Master with 779-29X.  Mike Habel continued a season long hot streak taking First Expert with a 757-12X.  Marshall Rohrback came away with First Junior, two points behind Doc with a 755-12X.

Match Award Winners
Dave Schnelle, CMP Bronze; Madelyn Schnelle, CMP Gold, Indiana State Champion; Mark Richard, CMP Silver, First Master; Doc Habel, First Expert; Marshall Rohrbach, First Junior
FWRR Shooters owned the High End of the line
Mike King, Mark Richard (not shown) , Doc Habel, Geoff Branson, Emma Branson, Addiysn Shull, Kileen Shaffer and

Marshall Rohrbach
FWRR Range Officer Larry Beardsley watches as the first relay shoots Offhand

Miss Addiysn gets the recovery and heart attack award for the day.  In her second string of prone rapid fire, she had a round mis-feed about halfway through her second magazine.  Addy racked the bolt, ejected the misfed cartridge and then finished off the magazine, but she was still one shot short of the ten shots she needed for the string.  Time was running out and the last round was somewhere underneath her. She rolled over on her right side (she’s a lefty), found the loose round, reloaded it – closed the bolt, got back in position on target and got off the final shot just as the last second ticked off the clock and I whistled “CEASE FIRE”.  She closed out her second rapid fire prone string with a 96-1X score!  GREAT RECOVERY Young Lady!

Addisyn and Kileen – Here we go!
Marshall on his way to a 189-2X Offhand
Indiana Juniors and a Grand Senior
Front : Marshall Rohrbach
Rear: Kileen Shaffer, Madelyn Schnelle, Larry Beardsley, Emma Branson, Addiysn Shull
Let’s see, an 83-degree sunny day, not much of a breeze and an 80-round Match with heavy shooting coats and sweatshirts – and a bunch of little roses? Ewhhhh…!

And just a note: Once they come off the firing line, they turn back into teen-age girls!

The next match in the Indiana Triple Crown of State Matches is the 100-Yard Reduced Course Championship at Fall Creek on September 10th and the series completes with a two-day dual 80-round tournament (1600 point aggregate) at Camp Atterbury on September 17 and 18.