In a recent walk-around inspection of the range, one of the Club officers made a disturbing discovery in Pistol Bay 5.

.223 Cases Found in Pistol Bay 5

A number of .223 cases were found laying in the gravel at the Bay 5 firing position. It is unlikely that someone just emptied their pockets or dumped these cases out of their gear bag, so it is most likely that someone was shooting a .223 caliber firearm in Bay 5.

Although the pistol bays have high berms and plywood eyebrows, the bays are not intended or designed to contain high velocity rifle rounds that might ricochet on the backstops. This is a safety matter! We cannot have bullets escaping the containment barriers.

With some very specific exceptions, our Range Rules are very clear about the use of center fire rifles in the Pistol Bays:

“No centerfire rifle-cartridge rifles or handguns chambered in centerfire rifle cartridges are permitted.

How much clearer can this be made? Don’t do it.

If you see someone doing it – explain the Range Rule to them; tell them to stop.

If they won’t stop – report them to a Club Officer or Director so appropriate action can be taken.

Larry Beardsley, FWRR Safety Officer